Natori Office: The Showroom

On this blog, we have had the privilege of seeing some aspects of my mother-in-law (Josie Natori)’s home; her (sick and drool-worthy OMG I NEED IT NOW) closet  and the (incredible, chic, and original) silver bathroom in herapartment. And now, we have the opportunity to take a sneak-peek look at the Natori Office in NYC (I highlighted my mother in law’s office here — the office within the office). Come take a tour of where the magic at Natori happens! First stop: 18th Floor (come back Friday for more on the 19th Floor).


Natori office.

Once you exit the elevator, you see “Natori” written across the wall. Most impressed = Cruzzie. N A T O R I.

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Josie Natori RTW Fall 2015 Fashion Show

On a freezing (think 20 degrees and windy) but beautiful day, the Josie Natori Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear show took place at the DiMenna Center in Midtown Manhattan yesterday.  And as always, the collection was incredible — details, embroidery, intricacy, the works. A well put together collection of looks inspired by Istanbul; where East meets West. Once again, huge congratulations to the whole Natori team, and my creative Mother-In-Law!


Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 6.58.30 AM

Yes, my 2.5 year old daughter got her own personal invitation to a fashion show. However, this time around, she did not join us, as in September, she stood on one leg, while my son sat on the other (not that fun for me).

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Josie Natori Jersey Pencil Skirt

Maybe it is from the extensive NYC Kindergarten interview / application process this past Fall, but for whatever reason, I became obsessed with finding the right pencil skirt. Nothing screams more “conservative” and “boring” and “grown up” than a classic pencil skirt, and yet…….I needed to have one! I scoured the internet for a hip looking skirt, to find that the best one was sitting right in front of me. Yep, a pencil skirt from Josie Natori. And I must say, that it is by far, the most perfect pencil skirt I have ever owned (yes, I only own one, but this is hands down a gold medal winner). I could have saved countless hours and just purchased with one single click. So ladies, you owe me! If you, too, want a great basic in your closet (that is actually FAR from boring, and grown up), then simply go here. And tada, all done. You are set! AND BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS PLUS DRUMROLL…it is on sale! And will not last long….so hit it up PRONTO.


Nothing worse than taking one's own picture, but worth it to show the beauty of this skirt!

Apologies for the selfie, but it’s worth it to show the beauty of this skirt!

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Josie Natori Soho Boutique

As followers of the company know, Natori opened a retail store in June, its first boutique in Manhattan!  Located in Nolita on 253 Elizabeth Street (between Houston and Prince), the store changes themes every couple of months. So I popped down earlier this week to see the current installation focusing on Ready-to-Wear.  Take a look at the pictures and make sure to check it out when in NYC!

253 Elizabeth Street

253 Elizabeth Street

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Natori Girl Briefs

As one can imagine, I am a tad bit obsessed with underwear. Sounds kinda creepy, but in all honesty, I can’t help myself. I mean, COME ON, I am married into a lingerie family, so it makes sense. Right? RIGHT! Currently, I have two underwear obsessions, the Natori Bliss Bloom Briefs and the Nuit Briefs (Bonne Nuit!) They are very similar, and both the perfect girl hipster undies — sit at the hips, not too big, not too small, with just the right amount of lace and va-va-voom. A goldilocks type of Undie!

Notice something different? To learn more about this outfit and to shop available pieces click the + symbol embedded in my pictures thanks to Shopping Cart Technologies. See this exciting new technology for influencers in action on The Publishers Website.

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Everyone is doing it, so just do it, too! (peer pressure!) The Natori Company is launching a social media effort called #NatoriNights. And it is exactly what you think, a display of one’s nighttime routine (hopefully in Natori pajamas!) So, you too should post (via instagram / facebook / twitter / blog / whatever) your #NatoriNights. Here is my (super glamorous) nighttime routine. I want to hear how you all wind down each night, and celebrate the end of your day. Do share.


Night with Natori! The best type of nights. Night with Natori! The best type of nights. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Night with Natori! The best type of nights. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

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Josie Natori RTW Spring 2015 Fashion Show

On the first day of Fashion week, Josie Natori presented her beautiful SS 2015 Ready-To-Wear collection with high praise! Summery, colorful, classic, and chic ensembles slithered through the floors at The DiMenna Center.  All the looks were breath-taking, elegant, and wearable. Like always, I can’t wait to get my hands on the luxurious clothes. Huge congratulations to mom and the entire design team!




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Josie Bedding

As the Josie Girl, I am so excited to about the recent launch of Josie Bedding! Natori has done its own bedding for the past several years, but now it is Josie‘s turn to shine. And it is sooooo coooool and soooooo fun! Boho! Bold! Bright! Color! Comfort! Divine!


Notice something different? To learn more about this bedding and to shop available pieces click the + symbol embedded in my pictures thanks to Shopping Cart Technologies. See this exciting new technology for influencers in action on The Publishers Website.

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Apparently I am the last one to know that a scent you put on your body is not called ‘perfume.’ Rather, it is called ‘fragrance.’ So, ladies, I am pleased to announce the ever-so-new and ever-so-fresh fragrance by Josie! Light, airy and transparent, this scent is infused with Asian pear, Sampaguita (the national flower of the Philippines) and some vanilla which makes it sweeter and fun for summer. Very fresh and every day. And it JUST came out last week!


The bottle

The bottle, a graphic take on life. The packaging is beautifully mismatched to achieve a statement of perfect imperfection. #truedat

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Natori Beach Must Haves!

Natori Beach Must Haves! Now that we are in the middle of summer, we are in the full swing of beach / pool / lounging. And these Natori products are essential for summer dayz. Hawt dawg.


Josie Sunbleached Chemise / Coverup


Yes, this is officially a chemise, but it also works as a coverup. Win-win! I love the ombre colors, softness of the ultra-soft jersey, and the ease of the silhouette.


pink coverup

pink coverup for sunny days

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Josie Wildflower Bralette

‘Tis the season for hot weather clothing! No one wants to wear a wire during hot summer days, so this Josie Wild Flower bralette is the perfect solution.  It’s a non-constricting bra without too much fabric, and adds a pop of color and pizzazz to hot weather layering. It is the perfect blend of sweet and spirited –delicate, whimsical, fun, and colorful!


Sweet bralette

Sweet bralette

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JCN’s Office

We have all seen Josie Natori (my fabulous mother-in-law)’s home here (closet) and here (bathroom) and in magazines here and here, but we have not seen her office at The Natori Company (the office within the office). So without further ado, here it is — take a look!

JCN's desk. Her office is gigantic -- the size of our apartment -- with one side "his" and one side "hers."

JCN’s desk. Her office is gigantic — the size of our apartment — with one side “his” and one side “hers.”

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2014

Mother’s Day is around the corner….literally, 6 days away! So time to get online, double click, and get yo mama some Natori gear! And this year, there is so much goodness at Natori that it is hard to dwindle down a selection. Everything at Natori is on fire right now. Seriously, you could go to, close your eyes, randomly start clicking on items and voila, you would have the perfect gift for your mother. All of the items are beautiful, luxurious, stylish, comfortable, and must have. But since that is not reality, here is my MOTHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE. Enjoy, and special treat: you get 20% off orders of $250 or more with the code LOVEMOM2014 at checkout (through May 11th)!

Happy mother's day!

Happy Mother’s day!

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Ken’s Birthday Concert

As I mentioned on Monday, my husband, Ken had a guitar concert (or as my 5 year old niece called it, a “recital”) this past Saturday night. He started taking guitar lessons 18 months ago, knowing only basic chords and how to read music from his old piano days (and he had never sung).   And HOLY COW, what a fun night. I am so proud and in awe of Ken. Bravo!  Videos of some of the songs he played are below.


Intro (2 songs: “Wonderwall” by Oasis, “Flake” by Jack Johnson):

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Spicy Essentials Sleepshirt

I am craving the nights where I don’t have to wear slippers, sweatpants, long tees, sweatshirts, and robes to bed! I am so sick of this Winter, specifically the cold! And hopefully soon, I can wear just a sleepshirt to bed, and be warm enough. SOON knock on wood. I am super excited about wearing the Josie Spicy Essentials Sleepshirt — and it is exactly that — spicy AND essential.

Spicy! Bright!

Spicy! Bright!

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Bra Guide For Flat Chests

NEWS SHOCKER! I have no boobs. I mean, literally, nothing. They are cute, petite, and basically…just nipples. Sometimes, I wish I had bigger boobs, but then I realize how care-free life is and how easy no boobs are (easy to dress, easy to run, no males drooling over them). So boob-less I will always be! However, bra shopping for flat chests isn’t easy…saying I wear a 32A is a stretch. For many years, I struggled with what fit correctly with my no-chested-body. But thanks to Lynne (National Fit Specialist and Manager of Retail Services for Natori Intimate Apparel) and my bra-fitting this year, I now have the perfect bras for flat chests! Drumroll….


My current collection.

My current collection.

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Natori Gift Guide

YEAH, I KNOW, this post is totally in your face about buying Natori, but hey, that is in part what I’m about. And not only should I promote Natori items, but I want to as well! So here are my top Natori gift items for Holiday 2013. And some pictures of the Natori (senior’s) Winter Wonderland apartment.


The holiday tree at my in laws apartment (Josie Natori)

The holiday tree at my in laws apartment (Josie Natori)

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Josie Natori RTW Fashion Show

Nothing better than celebrating the New Year with the Josie Natori Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2014 show! Fashion! Glamour! Beauty! Camera! Action! Inspired by the potent sophistication of 1930s Hollywood, the Josie Natori Spring/Summer 2014 collection captured the eternal style of this glamorous fashion moment, envisioning modern life through the enchantment of the silver screen.




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Bra Fitting Tips

I get it — I am lucky. If I want a bra, I can easily order it. Towels? PJs? Those too (thanks to my mother-in-law!). But one of the reasons why I am extremely lucky is having access to getting measured and fit FOR the right bra by one of the most amazing ladies ever! Now that is what I call lucky! Last week, I had the privilege of meeting with Lynne Reynolds to help me find the best bras and fit for my back-to-normal-post-pregnancy-just-weaned-boobs. I can’t even explain how amazing it was — her knowledge, expertise and experience was exactly what I needed to find the right bras for my now flat-chested body! Thank you, Lynne!

Screen shot 2013-05-15 at 7.11.45 AM

Not Lynne. Nor me. Models wearing Natori bras.

Lynne Reynolds is the National Fit Specialist and Manager of Retail Services for Dana-co, the licensee of Natori Intimate Apparel.  Lynne is a certified bra fitter and has been in the lingerie industry for 17 years (absolutely incredible!). She helps manage a team of dozens of regional fit specialists that travel around the country helping educate store salespeople and customers on all of the amazing features of Natori, Josie, and N Natori bras    Not only did she help find my bra size and three incredible Natori bras, but she answered all my questions, too!



So many bras to choose from!

So many bras to choose from!

What do you measure to get a proper bra size?

measuring tape

A measurement for a bra is a guideline or a starting point.  I always tell my fitters that bra fitting is an art and not a science.  I start by measuring around the rib cage, pulling the tape measure snug against the body.  The guidelines for band size measurements are as follows: 27”-29”- 32 band, 29”-32”- 34 band, 33”-34”- 36 band, 35”-38”- 38 band, and 39”-41”- 40 band) The best way to find a properly fitting bra is to determine how the bra fits on the body.

The bra band should be low and snug and parallel to the floor, the same level all around the body.  You should only be able to slide 1-2 fingers underneath the band.

For cup size, the cup should encompass all breast tissue.  If the cup wrinkles or puckers, the cup is too big.  If breast tissue bulges out of the cup, the cup is too small.  The center gore should “tack” or lay flat against the body.  If the center piece pulls out in front, you need to go up a cup size.  The wire should surround the entire “footprint” of the breast.  The wire should hit under the ribcage on bone, not on breast tissue.

How do you know what notch to put the bra on?


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Winter Jammies

Winter Jammies! Time to get some good looking pajamas for those family holiday nights. Goodbye t-shirt and undies, hello beautiful. Here are my top three ensembles for winter nights.

Natori Essence PJ

I am the first one to admit that I prefer undies and tees to pajamas (ironic, don’t you think?). But as I get older, I am more attracted to the retro and sophisticated, old-school pajama look. Classic, chic, feminine, and practical.  I love the Essence PJ, and the fabric is a perfect combination of sateen and cotton, making it silky but breathable.

essence PJ

The Essence PJ comes in four different colors: black, blue, rose, and blush.

real life

Real life model. How cute would it be if all the ladies and guys wore these on Christmas morning? I love the idea.

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Feathers Undies

I know I have mentioned these undies before (Hospital Lounge Wear) but they are so ah-mazing that I feel like they need their own special shout out. The Natori Feathers Panties are that good.


HIP-ster panties!


Good view of the tush!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they might LOOK like granny panties, but trust me, they are so luxurious and form fitting that they are anything BUT. They are not overly lacey and they have the perfect amount of fabric. Thongs are so 1990s, cotton undies are so 13 year old, and these are so 2012 perfection. They are the perfect mixture of a classic fit with a modern take.

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Natori Design Process

This past week, I had the fabulous opportunity to meet with the three main designers of all of the Natori brands (Josie, Natori, JN, N Natori, and Ready-to-wear) for lunch. It was an incredibly educational experience for me and I learned so much, as I walked away with a much deeper understanding (and appreciation) for all the work that goes into designing clothes. It is such a complex process! There are so many different steps it takes to get a finished product sold in a store.

design team

The Design team at Natori (minus my mother-in-law and the Design Director): Nicole Goetz, Jack Tung, Kate Lee, Ju-Hee Maeng, Jocelyn Hazen, Jieun Park, Elizabeth Valle, Yuki Okamoto.

work space

The workspace of one of the designers.

At  Natori, there is a main design theme each season (for us non-fashion people — there are two main seasons — Fall and Spring) which gives the designers a better sense of direction and inspiration for the lines. Although there are many collections at Natori (Josie Natori, Natori, Josie, N Natori) — they all work within the same theme for a given season. The themes are often destinations or exotic places of the East– the current Fall 2012 theme is Mongolia. They are currently working on Spring 2013, the theme of which is the Philippines (very appropriate). Once they are given the theme, the designers research in depth — history, culture, traditions, textiles, costumes, colors, mood etc. They look at every part of the theme for inspiration and guidance in their designs.


All images, sketches, various sources of research are stored in these file bins.


Images of the country's environment, people, culture, and colors.

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