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Remember last Spring, we interviewed old friend Lucie Ayres of 22 Interiors and then she posted on The Guide to the Perfect Bedroom? Well, she is back at it again for us all! Thanks so much, Lucie! And this time she is going to give us some Fall tips for rugs, pillows, and robes! Take it away!




Fall is the BEST time of the year – it’s cooler, the cocktails are heartier, and the social calendar is filled with parties.  Many of us will have guests who spend the night or three, and why not make that the perfect excuse to revamp the guest room? Or any room, really.  All one needs to do this transformation is a great rug as the anchor, a few fun throw pillows to help set the mood and maybe something for your guest (or you) like a gorgeous robe to compliment the decor, from Natori of course.


We put together our favorite rug / pillow / robe combos to achieve a FAB FALL design update.




Who says blues are just for summer? Rug Company’s Terrazzo rug reminds us of a moody Fall sky…a mix of dark blues and light blues and little in between.  The pillows in handsome Zak & Fox Postage Liberty linen define that perfect blend of laid back and sophisticated. Add the small lumbar pillow by Shay Spaniola for a touch of old world Europe.  This room needs nothing more than you or your guest in the navy Natori Feathers satin wrap.


Moody Blues.




It’s the ying and the yang of moods – earthy tones combined with the graphic finesse of black and white.  This look says I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty but please hold my glass of Dom Perignon White Gold while I do so.  The Angela Adams Pinstripe rug in cocoa is so unexpected.  Coupled with large pillows in Kelly Wearstler’s Channels and Zak & Fox Tulu fabric, the room is transformed into something unexpectedly chic.  The colors of the Haven robe exude the same qualities – unique and beautiful.


Earth Party.




Some people must have a calming interior environment, full of light and devoid of stuff.  To achieve lightness, we like to start with natural fiber rug like a jute or sisal.  Jaipur’s Kate Spade Nolita jute rug with its diamond pattern is hands down as visually pleasing as a white sand beach.  Add a note of tribal with a pillow in Kelly Wearstler’s Graffito fabric and a subtle hint of floral with Romo Black Edition’s super soft velvet Niumi Storm pillows to complete the look. Naturally, the pure silk and exquisite embroidery of the Josie Natori Embroidery Robe makes it a must wear when in this room.


Lightness Bound.




In our opinion, when you mix different shades of green, you get more of a calming feel vs something that feels too busy.  They also have the power to turn a very dark and uneventful space into something garden-like and intriguing.  Starting with Armadillo’s Sierra Weave rug in Seafoam, already any space comes alive.  This rug is not only super soft but it’s gorgeous braids remind you of that perfect winter sweater.    For the pillows, we love them Brunschwig & Fil’s Les Touches in green.  As a whimsical addition, this very dream inspiring pillow in Groundworks Edo Linen.is a must.   Finally, this room screams beauty and comfort and for that we love the Natori Truffle Basketweave robe.


Shades of Green.


Questions? Want to know more about these products or choices? Feel free to reach out to Lucie Ayres, Principal of 22 Interiors.  Lucie@22Interiors.com


Thanks so much, Lucie! We love following you on instagram, reading your newsletter, and being friends with you!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Fall is a great time to revamp the house and the closet!! Thanks for the advice! These colors would look great with the furniture that I redecorate

  2. I was just thinking about changing my bedding for fall. Thank you for the information! it is very helpful.

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