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Last weekend. Cruzzie and I spent the weekend in Montecito / Ojai / Los Angeles AKA HEAVEN. All three of those places are my favorite places in the world — they are beyond beautiful and I just love the area so much. So when coming home, I knew I needed to bring a piece of Montecito with me. This trip, it meant cookie dough from Merci — the best coffee, cafe, food (but let’s be honest, everything in Montecito is “the best,” because, truly, it is. But yes, back to cookie dough, yes, I traveled across the country with cookie dough, and lord, was it worth it.


Ah, California. I love you so much.

This cookie dough is the best thing I have ever tasted.


Perfect compact to bring on my carry on.

Peanut butter cookies, too, because I can’t ever turn away anything with peanut butter.

I only got six cookies — and I wish I had bought way more.

And six peanut butter ones? I need to call and see if they ship to the east coast! They are that delicious.

Look at the chunks of chocolate.

So good to eat as dough, too.

But warmed and baked — MY GOODNESS, heaven.



Happy weekend! Definitely check out Merci if you are in the area. And follow them on insta, too. So delicious.

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