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Time for another inside look into how the Natori team incorporates Natori fashion into their lives! First, we had Josie designer, Talia. And now it is Mariah, works on both and licensing. She looks stunning and gorgeous in her Natori pieces… take a look! Thanks so much, Mariah!




Hello! This is Mariah, the e-commerce and licensing assistant at Natori. As we kick off fall, I’m happy to share how I mixed my love for kimonos with my love for the jersey shore over the past few months. My go-to ensemble at the beach has always included various wraps/kimonos to pair with my bathing suits. They are truly multi-functional, tripling as a robe for indoors, cover-up for the beach and kimono jacket for outerwear. Good thing I work where I do!


Pictured here is my latest favorite, The Xanado robe, from the Fall collection.

This is the view from my home away from home in Forked River, NJ. Each summer for the past 25 years friends and family flock to our quaint 1 level house on the water any chance we get. It is vacant all winter but at the start of spring it is opened back up again and we all pitch in/ visit when we can. My parents, brother, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, more the merrier! My grandmother, great Uncle and Aunt are there the most relaxing, cooking, and frequenting Atlantic City which is a close drive away. Air mattresses fill all rooms (including the kitchen sometimes) making it a true bonding experience.


The view.


Here is a shot of our outdoor shower in the yard, very laid back and very useful since there is only 1 shower inside the house. Featured is the Northern Lights Beach Towel, Bardot Cami, and the Blissful Blooms Happi Coat. (the Josie version of a Kimono)




Majority of our time is spent on the pontoon boat that we take out to Tices Shoal which is the bay side and Island beach state park which is the ocean side. Everyone anchors their boats to hangout and then head over to the beach through the water.




Ice cream boat that delivers treats to you- an ideal situation 🙂


Yes, please.


When not on the water our time is spent eating home cooked meals, kayaking in the lagoon, playing Yahtzee, watching family feud, bike riding, hanging on the porch, and some more eating!


What’s not to love?


Each time I visit it feels like time has not only slowed down but like it went back about 20 years (maybe that’s just the vast comparison from NYC) but everything from the clothes line in the yard, to the meals cooked with veggies from the garden, it a true oasis and much needed escape.




The cutest/saddest part is saying goodbye. My grandma makes her way over to the door to wave goodbye whenever anybody leaves. It is SO hard to drive away but I’m thankful for the wonderful memories and to be able to spend time with my entire family here each summer.


Goodbyes are always hard.


Pictured below are some of my favorite kimonos that I’ve packed with me for the shore over the summer. (Similar styles can be found here).


Miss beach days already…


Until next time beach house! In the meantime I’ll be playing with new ways to incorporate kimonos into my fall/winter wardrobe.


Summer sunset.


Thank you so much, Mariah. You look gorgeous, stunning, and natural in everything Natori!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Stunning pictures, your kimonos look great on the beach! Nothing more relaxing than stepping away from the hustle and bustle of NYC to a quiet little sanctuary spent with the family (and what looks and sounds like tasty food!)

    P.S. Your grandma is adorable

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