Josie Natori FW20 RTW

Last Thursday, Josie Natori presented Fall/Winter 2020 Ready To Wear. Unlike previous seasons, my mother in law decided to do a show/ presentation at her home versus renting out a space. The most fun and chaotic part about it is that the models were housed in our apartment to get dressed, hair and make up done. From 10 in the morning until 7 pm at night, our house transformed into a backstage of a photo shoot and runway show. In addition to the show itself, the highlight was having my son and his friends come over in the afternoon to get ready for their dancing school amidst a flood of models, hair and make-up artists, and show staff.

It looks calm at this very moment, but there were 40+ people there. Hair, make up, people who ironed, photographers, etc…

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Natori Sleek Bralette

I am a prude and hate to show skin, but a fashionable friend convinced me to buy the Natori Sleek Bralette as it was a must have for layering… I did, but then had no idea how to style it. Thank goodness for genius ideas, because she told me to wear it under a blazer with high waisted pants. So last week, on my mother-in-law’s 72nd birthday, I decided to wear one of her creations for her dinner…..YES daring, YES out of my comfort zone, but YES fun.


It comes in two different colors: white and black. I decided to purchase the black because it was less out of the ordinary for me, and because I was already taking a risk, I wanted to make it more manageable.

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Top Natori Sleepwear Gifts

Recently, a lot of friends have asked me for my top Natori sleepwear gifting ideas.  Here you go!




1. Natori Enchant PJ


Young, flirty, and comfortable.


A classic for summer or winter, I love the short and cami of this set. It comes in several colors, all great choices. Ot is a great set to wear around the house, or on vacation, and will always make you feel sexy, cool, and fun.


2. Natori Ginza Embroidery PJ


Special flare.


This new pajama set definitely will make anyone feel special. The regal red and the chic gold dramatic embroidery add to the special feel of the set. It is also extremely comfortable with drawstring shorts and a long sleeved button up. A great set as a present.


3. Natori Luxe Shangri-La Notch PJ


One of the most comfortable pajamas you’ll ever touch.

One of my all time favorite Natori groups is Shangri-La — all of the robes, chemises, nightgowns and pajamas are incredibly soft and comfortable. They are simple and understated, but soft and sensual. You can never go wrong with these pajamas — they are just classic and reliable.


4. Natalie Pants




These pants are velvet and lace —  the ultimate combination. The front has an elastic waistband with drawstring and the lace applique at pant hem looks super beautiful. Great for a lounge piece or to wear out at night!


5. L’amour Chemise




I love this l’amour chemise. I mean, Natori in general makes the most perfect chemises, but this is to die for gorgeous. Silky satin, delicate lace, ever so romantic. I can’t get enough.


So there you have it, my top 5 favorite Natori sleepwear gift ideas.  Happy final days of holiday shopping!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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CFDA Awards 2018 Recap

On Monday, I attended the CFDA Awards with my mother-in-law. Held at the Brooklyn Museum, it was a night full of glamour, fashion, celebrities, and celebration. It is always fun to go with my mother-in-law as she is part of the fashion scene, whereas, I am in fact not.  This awards ceremony was even more glamorous than usual, making it an even more fun than usual.


Going to these awards ceremonies also means that I need to dress the part. Which in my case, means getting out of my sweats or jeans, and putting on a dress and heels. My shoes for the night. And yes, they feel as tall and uncomfortable as they look. After years of exclusively wearing sneakers and sandals, these were a MOTHER difficult choice of a footwear.

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CFDA 2018 Prep

Tonight is the CFDA awards; the Oscars for fashion designers (and “the biggest night in Fashion you have probably never heard of“). And for the fourth year in a row, I have the privilege of attending. Although I am a big nobody at these award shows, it is still fun to get all dressed up and see all these celebrities up close and personal.  While I’m not overly excited about Kim Kardashian, I am SUPER excited that my girl crush Busy Phillips will be there — who I love with all my heart. I am going to make it a mission to seek her out and tell her how much I love her….I hope it’s not awkward. BUT I LOVE HER.


CFDA 2017. Me and my hubba hubba date, Ken Natori.

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Josie Natori X Moda Operandi

While my mother-in-law made her name in sleepwear and bras/underwear, Natori has truly become a lifestyle brand with its establishment in a number of other collections, most notably in Ready-to-Wear.  Since she established RTW 8 years ago, the collection has evolved every year, and has reached a new high point with its Spring ’18 trunk show on Moda Operandi.


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Inside Natori: Mariah, Natori E-commerce / Licensing

Time for another inside look into how the Natori team incorporates Natori fashion into their lives! First, we had Josie designer, Talia. And now it is Mariah, works on both and licensing. She looks stunning and gorgeous in her Natori pieces… take a look! Thanks so much, Mariah!




Hello! This is Mariah, the e-commerce and licensing assistant at Natori. As we kick off fall, I’m happy to share how I mixed my love for kimonos with my love for the jersey shore over the past few months. My go-to ensemble at the beach has always included various wraps/kimonos to pair with my bathing suits. They are truly multi-functional, tripling as a robe for indoors, cover-up for the beach and kimono jacket for outerwear. Good thing I work where I do!


Pictured here is my latest favorite, The Xanado robe, from the Fall collection.

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Josie Natori RTW Spring 2018 Fashion Presentation BTS

This past Tuesday, my mother-in-law had her Josie Natori Ready to Wear Spring 2018 Fashion Presentation. It was a low-key event with great press and turn out. Every Fashion presentation takes a lot of effort, organization, and design. Enjoy these behind the scene photos!


Great view for the photo shoot.

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Natori- 40th Anniversary Celebration

Guest blog post from The Josie Guy!  Here he is….




This year marks the 40th Anniversary of The Natori Company, the fashion brand my mother started 40 years ago, the company I joined 10 years ago.  Fashion… is not easy.  Trends change, patterns shift, things go wrong… it’s hard.  And having seen how much effort and love my mother and our employees have put into making Natori thrive made this Tuesday all the more special.


Natori. 40th Annuversary Celebration at The Prince George Ballroom

Natori Dragon, greeting guests as they entered.

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Happy Birthday, Josie Natori!

Today is a special day… the 70th birthday of my fabulous and wonderful mother-in-law, Josie Natori! I used to think that 70 meant old age, but she makes 70 look chic, young, energetic, and fashionable — more than anyone else I know. My mother in law is incredibly talented, bright, smart, with-it, creative, accomplished, successful, caring, and wonderful. Here is a look at her throughout the decades — and happy birthday to such a lovely lady, I love you.


Here is the beautiful Josie Natori as a young girl. I love her bangs!

Here is the beautiful Josie Natori as a young girl. I love her bangs!

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Feathers Tights

The only bras and undies I ever wear are Natori Feathers. I love the fit, the lace, the look…. everything! So when I found out that Natori not only started making legwear (hosiery, socks, tights, stockings) BUT Feathers legwear, I jumped with joy. They also remind me of a pair of tights that my super-fashionable-friend wore recently and I fell in love with, but these are even more fun, unique, and better priced — so win win win.



Art in the form of a legging.

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Josie Natori RTW SS 2017 Fashion Presentation

What better way to get back into the New York flow from the summer than by attending the Josie Natori SS2017 presentation.  I am in love. Presented at the Waterfall Mansion on the Upper East Side, the collection is airy, earthy, romantic, feminine, summer-y, and modern. Take a look at the pictures.


Rusty earthy colors.

Rusty earthy colors.

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Quickfire Interview with Josie Natori

Are you curious about Josie Natori’s habits and everyday routine? Here is a quickfire interview with my mother-in-law. Enjoy!


The beautiful Josie Natori.

The beautiful Josie Natori.


Jeans: not me but if I have to choose, then I like my Balenciaga jeans
Heels: Gianvito Rossi
Flats: Do not wear flats.
Boots: Louboutins
Sunglasses: Natori
Watch: Hermes
Day bag: tote
Jewelry you wear everyday: Josie Natori
Workout wear: leggings and t shirt
Designers: Alaia and Alexander McQueen
Lingerie or underwear: Natori
Where do you shop: Paris
Shopping mecca: Paris

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Mother’s Day in Paris

Bonjour! Hello from NYC after a whirlwind trip celebrating Mother’s Day with my special mother-in-law Josie Natori! As most of you know, I have a deep profound love for Paris and feel that it is my second home (Cruzzie corrected me and said “third’ — after NYC and Oregon, so true true). As it had been over a year since I had last been there, I was dying to get there. So my mother-in-law and I (just the two of us), jumped on a plane and went there for the long weekend. And what a special and wonderful treat it was. I am currently cross-eyed from no sleep (Jet Lag and I don’t mix), and we #ShoppedTillWeDropped, but it was so special and fun; a weekend to always remember. Take a look.


The view from the apartment. There is just something so special and glamorous of the buildings there. #BuildingEnvy

The view from the apartment. There is just something so special and glamorous about the buildings there. #BuildingEnvy

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Natori Feathers Wireless Bra

ALERT: Natori has introduced a NEW bra.. even better, a NEW FEATHERS bra. I am a dedicated Natori bra wearer, especially the Natori Feathers Bra (and undies). So this is a win win win, happy happy day for me! This feathers bra is wireless (on trend) and comes with the signature lace details and scalloped plunging V neckline.



Comes in a variety of colors: the everyday nude and black, as well as multiple fashion colors.

Comes in a variety of colors: the everyday nude and black, as well as multiple fashion colors.

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Josie Natori RTW Fall 2016 Fashion Presentation

Josie Natori presented her Fall 2016 Ready-To-Wear Collection this past Wednesday at The Doubles Club (the club where Ken and I had our rehearsal dinner). As always, the presentation was beautifully and elegantly put together. Unlike previous shows or presentations, this was held more like a cocktail party than a typical show (bring on the champagne!).




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Josie Natori’s Beauty Routine

The minute my mother-in-law walks in the door, people stare at her. She carries herself regally, impeccably dressed, and is constantly glamorous and beautiful. In the 12 years (!) that I have known her, I have constantly been in awe of her beauty, grace, and class. So, I decided to ask her questions on how she takes care of herself (with the unrealistic hopes that it would give me the tools and hints on how to be as beautiful as she is). Take a look at her answers!

JCN and me at the CFDA's

JCN and me before the CFDA’s

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Josie Natori RTW Spring 2016 Fashion Presentation

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, I was delighted to attend the Spring 2016 Josie Natori Fashion presentation yesterday. It was a striking, beautiful, breathtaking and unique experience. And as always, I am incredibly proud of and impressed by my talented mother-in-law and her whole design team. BRAVO for a fabulous production.  And BRAVO to the team for making the FRONT COVER of Women’s Wear Daily this morning!!!  Read the glowing review here.


The invitation.

The invitation.

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Josie Natori Retail Store – Giveaway!

It has been over ten months since the Natori retail store opened its doors in Nolita (253 Elizabeth Street, between Houston and Prince)! The store looks amazing and I wanted to share the new windows and merchandise. Since Spring is now here (April showers bring May flowers), head downtown, wander around the streets, eat a pizza and buy a bra and a dress.  Enjoy the pics and see details of an awesome *giveaway* at the end of the post!


Entertainment out of the Natori shop last Friday. YEP, this hunk of a dude, played for two hours outside of the store for FREE! (He is in fact, the son of Josie Natori, and my husband, Ken Natori). He is also a budding musician, dedicated and devoted to the brand, and a super hunky handsome dude.

Entertainment outside of the boutique last Friday. YEP, this dude played for two hours outside of the store!  My hubby!  Keeping up the momentum from this.

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Josie Natori RTW Fall 2015 Fashion Show

On a freezing (think 20 degrees and windy) but beautiful day, the Josie Natori Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear show took place at the DiMenna Center in Midtown Manhattan yesterday.  And as always, the collection was incredible — details, embroidery, intricacy, the works. A well put together collection of looks inspired by Istanbul; where East meets West. Once again, huge congratulations to the whole Natori team, and my creative Mother-In-Law!


Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 6.58.30 AM

Yes, my 2.5 year old daughter got her own personal invitation to a fashion show. However, this time around, she did not join us, as in September, she stood on one leg, while my son sat on the other (not that fun for me).

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Josie Natori Soho Boutique

As followers of the company know, Natori opened a retail store in June, its first boutique in Manhattan!  Located in Nolita on 253 Elizabeth Street (between Houston and Prince), the store changes themes every couple of months. So I popped down earlier this week to see the current installation focusing on Ready-to-Wear.  Take a look at the pictures and make sure to check it out when in NYC!

253 Elizabeth Street

253 Elizabeth Street

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