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The past two months, Natori Team members have shared how they incorporate Natori (and Josie) into their lives and wardrobe. We have seen Talia (the Josie designer) and Mariah (E-commerce). And now we turn to Megan, the receptionist (and first impression to the company)! Thank you so much Megan! I love your sincere words, how you dress in Natori, and the love you have for your mother!


Hello Josie Girl readers! It’s me, Megan Tencza, the receptionist at Natori. The month of October is almost over, and has Natori releasing clothing and sleepwear with rich colors to go with the Fall season. October is also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Natori is showing their support for those affected by breast cancer by “Glowing All In”. Natori will be donating 100% of October sales of our fan favorite, Feathers Bra in the Rose Glow color to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


This act of generosity and kindness from Natori means a lot to me personally since my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago at the age of 46.


Being 19 years old at the time and having your parents tell you that your mom is diagnosed with stage ­­two breast cancer was terrifying. Obviously, I assumed the worst and had begun to imagine what my life would be without her. My world seemed to just come crashing down. That was a rough year for everyone in my family because not only does cancer affect the ones diagnosed, but it also has an effect on their loved ones. My mother’s cancer luckily was not genetic, which gave my sister and I a sigh of relief for what our futures would hold for us. My mother is a prime example of why it is so important to get your annual mammograms because she would have never caught it so early otherwise. I am very grateful to say that after one surgery and a year’s worth of radiation, my mom is healthy, happy and still chugging along!


Breast Cancer walk.

This year I felt compelled to make a difference myself, so I got a team together, raised money and walked to support not only my mother but all the men and women affected by this horrendous disease.


The crew.


It was three years ago that my family and I heard about the American Cancer Society’s fundraising walk, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, in Parsipanny, New Jersey. This is just one of the many 5k walks are held throughout the country to raise money and awareness for breast cancer. The money that is raised is used to fund innovative breast cancer research in order to reduce breast cancer risks or find ways to catch breast cancer early when it is the most treatable. The money raised also helps to provide free information and support programs to patients and caregivers.


pink pink and more pink


For the first two years post complete remission, we would volunteer at the registration booth and donate our time. It was this year that I decided it was time to get our own team together and actually do the walk! Mariah Hager (Natori’s Licensing and E-Commerce Assistant), my sister Sara and I, grabbed our favorite pink Josie pieces and joined our team. I wore The Josie Tees PJ Top and fell in love with not only the gentle pink color but also the delicate texture of the shirt (so soft, comfortable and cute!). My sister Sara wore the tank version of The Josie Tees PJ Top (#TWINNING) and Mariah wore the Josie Bardot Cami Bralette.


Josie products in pink.


Our team consisted of two breast cancer survivors (my mother being one and a family friend the other). Twenty of our most enthusiastic supporters joined us and we called ourselves “The Rack Pack”! Before the walk, there were tents set up providing support and information about breast cancer. There was also a survivors tent where breast cancer survivors were treated to have a special breakfast and received a sash to wear throughout the walk that read “Survivor.”


There was also an AWESOME DJ. Mariah, my sister & I couldn’t help but bust out our best dance moves and celebrate!




The Rack Pack joined 13,500 others at the starting line and together we flooded the streets with the color pink, walked and celebrated, and broke a sweat J




As the Rack Pack team leader, I am very proud to say that my team and I were able to raise over $1,900 to donate to the American Cancer Society. The out pour of support has been amazing and I want to sincerely thank everyone that has donated or is thinking of donating. Every dollar counts and makes a difference for the breast cancer community. That is the reason why it is so encouraging to have companies such as Natori doing so much to help raise money and awareness for breast cancer and breast cancer research!


The finish.


To My Mommy (because I know you will read this and probably share it on Facebook): Your strength both mentally and physically throughout these past 4 years is inspiring. I do not know where I would be without you. Love you infinitely



Thank you so much, Megan! I love how you wear Natori AND support a big and great cause.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Hi Megan – I’m a longtime Josie Girl reader, and 3 years ago on 10/30 I was diagnosed at age 48 with stage 2b breast cancer. Thank you for sharing your story about how you received the news. It’s hard from our perspective sometimes to understand since we’re in the middle of that scary whirlwind! Thank you for helping to raise awareness, funding and of course for walking!
    And give your mom a “WTG Survivor Sister!” hug from me!

  2. Love the team spirit and support! & Kudos to Natori for donating, the Feathers bra is one of my favorite’s 🙂

  3. Great post, Megan! Such a fun way to celebrate your mom. Way to go with the fundraising, every dollar does count! I also need that feathers bra and the pieces you guys wore, love the colors!

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