Feathers Undies

I know I have mentioned these undies before (Hospital Lounge Wear) but they are so ah-mazing that I feel like they need their own special shout out. The Natori Feathers Panties are that good.


HIP-ster panties!


Good view of the tush!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they might LOOK like granny panties, but trust me, they are so luxurious and form fitting that they are anything BUT. They are not overly lacey and they have the perfect amount of fabric. Thongs are so 1990s, cotton undies are so 13 year old, and these are so 2012 perfection. They are the perfect mixture of a classic fit with a modern take.

I wore these pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and will continue to wear them daily from here on out. That good, I tell ya. Trust me and try them! My sister-in-law, a thong wearer her whole life now says she “LOVES the Feathers undies, as the lace is comfortable and not itchy while still being good looking.”


A good look of the undies not on a perfectly sculpted and toned model. And, yes, these are on a table.


Love the lace detail. Not only are they comfortable and easy to wear, but the lace detail makes them beautiful and unique....and have you ever said that about a panty before? Beautiful panty?


The mesh fabric is cooling and easy to wear.

Natori also makes a Feathers Bra that is a best seller in many boutiques, department stores, and online. Recently, I bought some new bras at a boutique (yes, I do buy Natori bras in stores!) and the sales people could not stop talking about how much they loved the Natori Feathers Bra and said that they couldn’t keep them stocked!

Feathers bra

Feathers bra has a deep plunge, comfortable fit, and a sexy look.


Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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    • People rave about these bras! I am obsessed with another Josie bra, which is better for us small chested ladies!

  1. I really enjoy the briefs–they are so comfortable and very elegant–a great way to enjoy beauty in everyday life.

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