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We are so fortunate to have a lot of great friends, many of whom are incredibly talented in their field. One of these peeps is Lucie Ayres, a dear friend of Ken’s from his junior year study abroad program in Prague. Lucie is an interior designer for her company 22 Interiors based in Los Angeles. She has a beautiful eye, incredible taste, and great style. If you ever need a designer, I highly recommend her. And even if you want some inspiration, subscribe to her blog and follow her on instagram. In the meantime, here she is for a guide to the perfect bedroom!!!! Thank you, Lucie!  Take it away!


The perfect bedroom, styled by 22 Interiors. Photo

The perfect bedroom, styled by 22 Interiors.



Maybe the most IMPORTANT part of your perfect bedroom is finding the perfect sheets.  Everyone likes something different – some prefer a super soft sheet, like a worn out t-shirt, others love a super crisp sheet that feels almost cold and stiff.


* For a super soft set, my go to is Coyuchi.


* For a crisp set, the best is Unity by Frette.


* For someone like me who loves a bit of pattern to their sheets, but still wants the luxe feel, John Robshaw is the best


* Of course, Natori has amazing bedding as well — the patterns are distinctly Natori and very sophisticated.   Personally can’t wait to use them in my next project.


What do you need on your bed? Ideal set is: 2 Euro pillows (the big squares that you use when reading in bed, 2 king pillows (the long kind you sleep on), 2 standard pillows (for variety or for people who like to sleep with 2 pillows), 1 lumbar (for additional support and it just looks great), 1 big throw blanket or quilt on top for when you don’t want to get under your duvet. I’m a no-flat sheet kind of girl.  I love the duvet cover and that’s it, I find a flat sheet gets super messy and really doesn’t have a purpose.





I love to be aware of the different senses while designing a bedroom.


* The feet are so happy when stepping down on a sheepskin rug (real or faux)


Luxurious sheepskin room, designed by 22 Interiors, photo by Amy B

Luxurious sheepskin room, designed by 22 Interiors, photo by Amy Bartlam


* A lovely scented candle can do wonders  – I adore Le Feu de L’eau in Ivorie or Gris


The perfect nightstand.

The perfect nightstand.


* Peaceful art  – put a painting or print or photograph that you love somewhere you can see it before you drift off to sleep.  A reminder of something beautiful, something calming, something that is outside your day to day existence.  I absolutely love Lane Coder’s landscape photography – it stops me in my tracks and summons me to stop and take a breath and enjoy it.  Art in your bedroom should do the same.


Robert Brown Interiors highlighting great pieces of art.

Robert Brown Interior Design highlighting great pieces of art.


* Flowers and/or plants – the air is fresher, the soul is happier with something natural in your room.  I’m pretty sure that’s a scientific fact.


Keri Russel's bedroom as featured in Elle Decor, photo by William Waldron.

Keri Russel’s bedroom as featured in Elle Decor, photo by William Waldron.




It’s all about the details right? Once you’ve made your perfect bed and bedroom, you must compliment that with amazing pajamas.  My favorite pair these days was gifted to me by my mother and they happen to be Natori.  They are feather weight, super soft, and just delicious on the body


Last but NOT least, care for your bedding and your pajamas.  These fabrics need to be maintained, and should be washed in a delicate cycle with no other clothing mixed in.  Since they have their own wash cycle, I love to wash my bedding in the Laundress’s Le Labo Santal 33 detergent.  The smell makes me feel like I’m on vacation in my very own bedroom and that is the ultimate luxury.


Patrick Lohn interiors with the perfect bed ensemble.

Patrik Lonn interiors with the perfect bed ensemble.


Cheers to SLEEPING WELL friends!



Thank you so much, Lucie! I can’t wait to add these elements and touches to our new master bedroom. And readers, stay tuned for more information on Lucie.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Absolutely stunning interiors. She does indeed have a great eye. Love her style. I will definitely be subscribing to her blog and following her on instagram!

  2. She has great advice! I am looking into re-doing my bedroom. These are all great things to take into consideration. Everything looks so serene. Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

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