CFDA Awards 2018 Recap

On Monday, I attended the CFDA Awards with my mother-in-law. Held at the Brooklyn Museum, it was a night full of glamour, fashion, celebrities, and celebration. It is always fun to go with my mother-in-law as she is part of the fashion scene, whereas, I am in fact not.  This awards ceremony was even more glamorous than usual, making it an even more fun than usual.


Going to these awards ceremonies also means that I need to dress the part. Which in my case, means getting out of my sweats or jeans, and putting on a dress and heels. My shoes for the night. And yes, they feel as tall and uncomfortable as they look. After years of exclusively wearing sneakers and sandals, these were a MOTHER difficult choice of a footwear.

But they were very pretty. And I love them. But it might be another year before I wear them again.

The choices! The choices!

My dress and my hair. I always feel a little foreign so dressed up.

As always, Natori has hidden details on its clothing. Embroidered flowers on top of the dress. You can’t see unless up close — I love it.

Me and my date, the ever so beautiful, Josie Natori. I look like a giant — I am not one IRL.

DAMN those things look like they could kill someone.

I was seated next to the model, Chanel Iman. She is 6 months pregnant and incredibly gorgeous and sweet. I also shook hands with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen….but the only thing I could talk about was that I was on a mission to meet my BFF, Busy Phillips.

And then I spotted her. And the world stopped. Actually, I started to giggle and tell my MIL that there she was and how could I meet her.

The awards show also is a dinner, but they give you VERY little food. LIKE NOTHING. Basically, the tiniest piece of meat and then a whole lot of alcohol. The servers were coming around pouring wine and more wine, but not offering any water…..

This is the scene of the evening. And in the far distance you can see, Busy Phillips.

This happened. And it was a dream come true. My MIL knew someone at the table, so we went to the table and asked to be introduced to Busy. She was so personable and friendly, and I told her what a fan I am of hers (and a big super geek) and that I think we are BFFS. She gave me a hug and allowed us to take pictures. STAR STRUCK.

Even more so than this moment. And with that, my night was complete.


A super fun and memorable night. Thank you to my mother-in-law for including me in such a fun extravaganza. And hopefully I will wear the high heels at least once more before next year’s awards ceremony.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Your smile is so huge and bright, it made me smile. Glad you had a memorable night, thanks for giving us a peak behind the curtain.

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