The Josie Girl Blog- 5 Years!

Hi.  This is Ken.  The Josie Girl’s Husband.


I am hijacking the blog today to let you know that today is the 5 Year Anniversary of the Josie Girl Blog, which all started with this post here.


I am incredibly proud of my wife (Yael if you call her by her middle name, Anika if you call her by her first) for having the commitment, creativity, and discipline to put forth such great content over the last 5 years.  Since her “go-to” toast is lists, I wanted to share the Top Five Things you didn’t know about The Josie Girl / writing a blog:


1)      She is the anti-blogger.  Working in the industry, I can safely say writing good content is only 20% of being a mainstream blogger.  The other 80% is promoting yourself, through social media, networking, etc.  While The Josie Girl loves the 20%, she refuses to do the 80%.  She is the shyest blogger ever.  Her Instagram is private.  Her Twitter is run by the company (outed).  And she literally has never shared a single one of her posts on Facebook (and won’t let me do it either).  The vast majority of her friends don’t know about her secret blogger life, and she wants to keep it that way.  (NOTE: If you are a loyal reader, please recruit your friends!)



Me and wifey


2)      She doesn’t know down time.  Between the blog, her private tutoring business, and our kids (oh, and a whole bunch of insane exercise classes), she is constantly busy.  Constantly.  I think she would shrivel up into a raisin if she couldn’t constantly be active.  (NOTE:  she is running the New York marathon in two weeks.)


3)      She and my mother are the most different people in the world.  But they are also incredibly similar.  They are constantly driven, and can’t sit still.


The JG and JCN before the CFDA's.

The JG and JCN before the CFDA’s.  Two peas in a pod.  Kind of.


4)  Writing a blog is a lot of work.  (Having your wife write a blog is a lot of work:  truth).  I can’t overstate how much work she puts into the blog, despite everything else she has going on in her life.  So I hope you enjoy reading her labor of love.


5)  We aren’t a couple that posts stuff like “I love my wife so much” on Instagram..  #NotUs.  But I am very proud of her and all that she does.


Bonus (6).  We are having a celebration on Thursday night at our store on 253 Elizabeth Street. The Josie Girl won’t let the celebration be just about the blog, so I am playing music with Heather Cole (violinist from my birthday) and we are having drinks.  Please shoot her an email if you’re interested in coming!


Invite! If you are going to be in New York, please swing by!

Invite! If you are going to be in New York, please swing by!


Thanks for reading the blog.  She appreciates your support!




Josie Girl


  1. Josie Girl- Congrats on five years! I love reading your blog. And good luck in the marathon!

  2. Congrats! The invitation is beautiful – wish we could swing by. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for always reading, Gigs. I love you loads (and not just because you read the blog).

  3. Congratulations Anika (and Ken!)! Such a lovely back story to a fabulous blog.

    • Thanks for reading, Fab. You might be one of three non-female readers (my dad, and Ken), so I really appreciate you reading! Thanks for always being so positive ! (and hope you passed the level on your game).

  4. Just an affirmation from the third male blog reader (:-) Good job, Yaelita (and Kenny)! This Thursday, ah? let me check my calendar…

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