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I have been dying to go to the Brooklyn Museum’s newest exhibition (Alicia Keys and Swiss Beatz Private Art Collection) since it opened three weeks ago. So this past Saturday, in a crazy rainy downpour, I ventured to Park Slope to see it. It took one hour by the  subway, got absolutely sopping wet, had issues with my tickets, lost my umbrella, and STILL found it worth it.


OY was it rainy!!! You had to check in your umbrellas — meaning, you couldn’t bring them in to the museum. Unfortunately, the check in for the coat check was SO ABSURD that I left my umbrella in a corner (a risk) and lost it (dumb me). Which meant, that my trek home on the subway was even more wet, long, and smelly than it was coming to the museum. OY!

And yet — so worth it!

The collection of art work was INSANE! So many huge huge huge huge pieces.

I love Kehinde Wiley so much.

Powerful lady.

Nick Cave — who I loved his collection at The Whitney last Spring.

This one was incredibly beautiful.

Loved the frame.




After the exhibit, I knew I needed to see one other section to make the trek even more worth it, so I went to see the Judy Chicago Dinner Party and absolutely loved it! It is a massive ceremonial banquet, arranged on a triangular table with a total of thirty-nine place settings, each commemorating an important woman from history.


Banquet table.

One of my favorites.

So beautiful.

I want to replicate this.


Highly recommend making the journey out to Brooklyn to see (both) these exhibits. Alicia Keys is open until mid summer — so you have time! But definitely go! Happy start to the week!

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