Currently Loving April 2024

Here is what I am loving (residue from Spring Break):


1. Leaving 

Enjoyed this book as I found it beautifully written. I also loved that the author lives in my building. I want to have her over and discuss the book — who wants to come?????

2. Edikted Rosebud Top


This little strapless top with a rosette is my favorite top Toosh owns. It is girlie, and fun, without being revealing or too old for her age. I reinforced the rosette with more thread because it is cheaply put together and came off the first time she wore it — but hey — now it will last!

3. Rachel Comey Sunglasses


Dolce Sunglasses — a different shape but I love them!


4. The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post


I am late to the game on this one, but read it when in Palm Beach and LOVED it. I can’t believe it took me so long to open it up and read — definitely recommend! 10/10!



5. Smiley Socks


My favorite kid socks from a store that closed (ever after!) and I don’t know where to get more of them! Any ideas??? But don’t you love them and they instantly make people smile.


6. Lamb Flowers 


Made it back to NYC in time to see the Easter Flower Installation by Lewis Miller Design of floral sheep — I loved it! It was very crowded, but so fun to see all the different sheep with different flowers.


7. Striped Top


I have this top in white and wear it with high waisted shorts or pants in the summer, so when I came across the striped version, I knew I would wear it a lot, too! I love it — but you need it with high waisted bottoms, unless you want your belly showing.



There you have it, my currently loving items, mainly from Spring Break!  Do share with me and tell me what you are loving! And my apologies for the infrequent posting I did over break……but here I am back at it!

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