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It goes without saying that the only brand of lingerie that I “buy” is Natori. Just like almost everything else in life (granola, jeans, grocery stores, colors, fabrics, most anything and everything), I am super picky, but undies are by far the most important part of my daily ensemble. If I am wearing the wrong pair, I do not feel right or comfortable so it has been ESSENTIAL that I have the most perfect undies. And I did find them, but GASP, they are no longer going to be made and sold (I have tried to convince my husband to continue to make them, but he will not take my advice,



1) My current favorites are the Feathers Boyshorts . If you see them in the store, STOCK UP AND BUY THEM NOW. You will not regret it. If you can’t find them, it is because I purchased every single pair online that I could find….


I kept the tags on all these undies just so it didn’t seem weird or odd to everyone. These are fresh undies, never been worn. And let me tell you, I LOVE these undies more than anything. Seriously they are the perfect pair.

I love everything about them: the lace, the support, the look, the feel. They are big, but not grandma undies like, and feel pretty and sexy but supportive and wearable.


2) Since I can no longer do the boyshort, the Feathers Hipsters bottom is good. Overall the same look, just a little bit teenier.


Same style (so it matches all my feathers bra, which is the ONLY bra I own and wear). Same colors and look.

A little smaller in the butt, which is fine but since I have a larger bottom, they are a little more revealing. Still nice and great and better than anything else I can find on the market.


3) And my new favorite (but far from sexy) is the Serene Hipster. Super comfortable and practical and feels good on the body.


Yes, basic. But oh so comfortable, made out of pima cotton.

A nice little waistband for a little more flair.


I will continue to search online and buy out every single Feathers Boyshort bottom, but am feeling happy with these two new types of undies. What do you look for in a pair of undies and what style are you currently loving?

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I adore the feathers hipsters pair. I have three sets, and they look so cute with the bra.

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