Spring Break 2024 Highlights

Sunday Scaries ending Spring Break is REAL. We are ALL feeling it……the two week break went by in a flash, or was so long, did it even really happen? Well, here we are! Monday, April 1st! Back to school (for the kids, and for me!) and so here are the highlights of the past two weeks where we traveled and explored. We were fortunate enough to have three legs — Skiing in Oregon with my parents, Mexico beach vacation the 4 of us, and then ending up in Palm Beach with just me and the kiddos. Here are the highlights:




Cross Country skiing with my parents everyday, while Ken took the kids downhill. I no longer downhill but the kids love it (and Ken is a great dad to take them every day to ski together), but I much prefer the exercise, nature, silence, and togetherness of cross country. Especially with my parents!

We had the MOST incredible weather the whole time we were there — bluebird, warm, sunny, incredible days.

Ken and the kids on top of Mount Bachelor.

My favorite photo of this duo.

We also spent a lot of time walking around Sunriver. Yes, in pajamas.

So many gorgeous sunsets.

My favorite face.

True Oregon look.

We went into Bend twice for our favorite ramen place. The food is delicious — almost as good as my mom’s home cooking — which we were fortunate to have every night for dinner.

The boys — my dad, Cruzzie and Ken.

The ramen!




Skies and bikes — which we loved every single night.

Crepes for our afternoon snack.

Spearfishing class.

Tacos on repeat — especially by Cruzzie who would eat 6 of them for EVERY SINGLE MEAL.

Same same but different.

We played a LOT of rummikub, huge fan, HUGE.

Cooking demos — we took three! Mediterranean dips, salsa, and ceviche. They were all INCREDIBLE!.

I love the cacti on the property.


I love this picture — it is crazy how much these two look alike, holy crap.




My in-laws pink building. So retro, so fun.

Lots of forced walks.

Beach time.

More sunsets.

more rummikub.


And of course, in all locations, a lot of reading (three books! WHICH IS A LOT FOR ME), a lot of running (close to 120 miles — three long runs over 17 miles, and lots of running — LOVED IT), needlepointing, and ever more eating, and watching Suits, and early nights. So here we are, April, no more Sunday Scaries, let’s do this!

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