Josie Natori RTW Spring 2015 Fashion Show

On the first day of Fashion week, Josie Natori presented her beautiful SS 2015 Ready-To-Wear collection with high praise! Summery, colorful, classic, and chic ensembles slithered through the floors at The DiMenna Center.  All the looks were breath-taking, elegant, and wearable. Like always, I can’t wait to get my hands on the luxurious clothes. Huge congratulations to mom and the entire design team!




My dates!

My dates to the show: kids and father. So excited for the kids’ first fashion show. Start them early!

Blonde duo selfie

Blonde duo selfie


Huge, vast, open space.


Ready for show to begin.


wall texture


shadows and light to create the ambience.


The theme of the Spring ’15 collection is island life, where uninhibited nature arouses the senses and sets sail to a state of bliss.



I sat so close that this was my view (I also had two kids on my lap, hence a lot of horrible photos).


Red dress that is pure classy, neutral, everyday elegance.


All the models wore flats with their hair slicked back.


The collection features new silhouettes highlighted by fuller skirts and sarong inspired pants, while island inspiration is translated in fabric through crisp textures, shimmery organza, and shine.



A new version of a suit.


Fabrics include textured cottons, lightweight cotton with embroideries and embellishments (true Natori style), metallic organza, and other lightweight materials with a slight sheen. Also crepe and silk play a big role in the sarong skirts and the sarong pants. There were lots of separates like pants, different silhouette tops with embellishments, skirts, classic Natori dress shapes and toppers.


I mean

I mean, this is unreal. First of all, it is so fresh and gorgeous, and then if the right person rocked this look, it would be a match made in heaven. Rhianna? Beyonce? Kate Hudson? Gwyneth? Oprah? This outfit…I could not rock…but hell, others can!

the last

The last 20 seconds consisted of an electronic version of “Happy” with a slue of summery, bright, printed looks. Loved them all!


Mother in law, Josie Natori, with the models. And Hi Karin and Steve Sadove!


The actual models of the show.

Fashion family

Fashion family (younger generation)





favorite looks

My favorite looks side by side: neutral and vibrant print. (photo cred:


Modern off the shoulder looks. (photo cred:

must haves

MUST HAVES !!!! (photo cred:


Daring finale

I swear

I swear that my mother-in-law is prettier (and skinnier) than any of the models!


Such a fun way to start September and the beginning of Fashion Week! Huge congratulations again, a wild success and the stores will come CHASING after the collection. Guaranteed. To see the whole collection, go here. And as always, stay connected to for news on the products and clothing. Have a great weekend (well…almost Friday!)

Natoris. Big and small. (Photo cred: Josh Wang)

Natoris. Big and small. (Photo cred: Josh Wong) And check out the footwear of Natori Seniors and Ken, in comparison to me, Cruzzie, and Tusia. The kids and I are wearing the comfortable shoes!


And in case you’re wondering what it’s like to go to a fashion show with two young kids, here you go. (Premature standing O). Left to right: Ron Frasch, Ken Natori Sr., my hubby (who stepped in as the photographer when someone decided to stand on my lap), me, Joe Boitano, David Monn. This only works if the kids are the designer’s grandchildren!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Looks amazing! Great pictures and congratulations to your mother in law on a great show. Your kids are precious.

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