Natori- 40th Anniversary Celebration

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This year marks the 40th Anniversary of The Natori Company, the fashion brand my mother started 40 years ago, the company I joined 10 years ago.  Fashion… is not easy.  Trends change, patterns shift, things go wrong… it’s hard.  And having seen how much effort and love my mother and our employees have put into making Natori thrive made this Tuesday all the more special.


Natori. 40th Annuversary Celebration at The Prince George Ballroom

Natori Dragon, greeting guests as they entered.

On August 1st, we invited partners, associates, and vendors – present and past, from near and afar – to the Prince George Ballroom in the Flatiron district to celebrate our 40th Anniversary.  To say that the room was filled with love, energy, and joy would be an incredible understatement.  More than just running a business, my parents have created lifelong friendships and partnerships that I can only hope to sustain.  People came from all over the world to celebrate.


David Monn. Elena Kurnosova.

The party was organized by David Monn, party planner for the stars and great friend to our family (and our wedding planner). The room was beautiful, adorned with bamboo, making it feel perfectly Natori. Pictured is model Elena Kurnosova wearing Josie Natori.





More models wearing Josie Natori

More models wearing Josie Natori


Josie Natori. 40th anniversary video.

The highlight of the night: a screening of the Natori 40th Anniversary video, put together by Tim Braun. Many teary eyes in the house. The 18 minute video, with insights on our process, family, and history, is embedded at the bottom of the post. Pictured here is my mother introducing the video.



Tears flowed.


Josie Natori. 40th anniversary celebration.

The crowd watching the video.


We were so touched that so many of our wonderful partners came out to celebrate!


Bjorn Wallender. Linda Fargo. Ken Natori

Photographer Bjorn Wallender, Bergdorf Goodman Women’s Fashion Director Linda Fargo, Me


Terry Lundgren. Joe Ford. At Josie Natori 40th Anniversary Celebration.

Macy’s Executive Chairman Terry Lundgren, Former Alltel Chairman Joe Ford.


Fern Mallis. Josie Natori.

Ex-CFDA Fashion Director Fern Mallis with mom


Ron Frasch. Josie Natori.

Former Saks Fifth Avenue President Ron Frasch, Josie


Josie Natori, Jerry Storch at Natori 40th Anniversary Celebration

Mom, Hudson’s Bay Chairman Jerry Storch, and wife Jacqui.


Josie Natori. Richard Story.

Josie and former Departures Editor-in-Chief Richard Story



Me, mom, dad. (Josie Girl missing, on West Coast)


Stan Herman, Josie, Jeffrey Banks

Stan Herman, Josie, Jeffrey Banks


Burt Tansky. Josie Natori

Former Neiman Marcus CEO Burt Tansky, Josie, Burt’s granddaughter


Bobbi Queen. Etta Froio. Josie Natori.

Part of the WWD Team! Bobbi Queen, Etta Froio


Josie Natori, Ken Natori

Me and #MomBoss



Cool Gray Seven Creative Director Amy Gustantino, and Natori Creative Director (head of Cool Gray Seven) Andrew Egan


Rose Marie Bravo, Bill Jackey, Josie Natori

Burberry Vice Chairman and former CEO Rose Marie Bravo, Josie, Bill Jackey

The coverage!  Thanks Bridget / WWD!

image009 image008



And the grand finale!  Our 40th anniversary video embedded below, or available at this link.  Thank you to all of our partners and employees.  And congrats to my mother.  Here’s to the next 40 years!

-Ken, The Josie Girl’s Husband


Josie Girl


  1. Natori’s 40th anniversary was such an outstanding success and I was glad to be able to be a part of it. The venue, décor and obviously Josie’s outfit was hands down the best thing I’ve seen since I’ve attended the hope gala a few years ago. It was memorable and tear provoking (even though I claimed it was the onions that clearly were no where near me), but I had an incredible time and I’m glad that it had such a great turn-out. Congrats to the Natori Family on all their success!

  2. Beautiful pictures and it looks like it was an amazing event. Congratulations.

  3. Omg! So many attractive people in one room with Mrs. Natori taking the crown. The film is so touching and heart-numbing, it’s insanely beautiful. The hands and expertise of David Monn, as well as the sophistication and poise of Mrs. Natori including all the wonderful guests, was bound to create an atmosphere of creative enlightenment. Here’s to the future of Natori!

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