Victoria Beckham Beauty

A dear friend gifted me the most incredible and luxurious set of Victoria Beckham Beauty — and now I am the biggest fan. As soon as I opened the gift, it was like Christmas Morning! I love it all — seriously, LOVE IT ALL (and love you, BK). I am now a huge Victoria Beckham Beauty fan and I want to spread the love to you all,  too. It is the best makeup and a serious competitor to my other favorite makeup Westman Atelier. (Right now, VB Beauty wins in my book).


The little pouch! Such a great way to give the makeup as a gift, and then to keep it in and travel with it, too.

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Current Beauty Favorites

Remember last week when I mentioned my dear friend who is ALWAYS in the know of beauty and skincare products? Well she amazingly offered to write up her CURRENT beauty favorites! I am so so so excited to share them with you — and thank you so much, Alicia! May we all have your incredible glowing skin, chic taste in everything, and style — you are one of a kind — love you oh so much!


1. Hermes Lipstick


Hermes lipstick- love it! I am more of a matte lipstick person so I love all the matte ones. Love the colors, great pinks and number 11 is the best natural color. Love the texture, design, and fragrance. They do everything so perfectly!

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Westman Atelier Eye Pods

Truth is, since COVID started, I have put on make up only a handful of times. No one sees me, I am not going anywhere, and I don’t look that often at a mirror. However, when I do put on any make up, I instantly feel better (the question is then why don’t I make the effort and put makeup on more frequently?). Most all of my makeup products are Westman Atelier and I swear by them all — the bronzer, blush, lip, and now, the eye shadow. I know, I know, I don’t look like I would love make up — but I really do! So when Gucci Westman came out with a new set of eyeshadows, I jumped. I have never worn eyeshadow in my life, but I know that it pops your eyes open and makes you look even more put together. And so far, even with nowhere to go and no one to see me, I LOVE THEM! I can’t wait to wear them and a more regular basis!


They come in a set of 3 — there is a night shade option and a day shade option. I opted for the night one.

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Braided Hair

As a gift for my birthday this past Saturday, I was sent a hair stylist and make up artist by the CEO of Glamsquad. She is the mother of one of my students and insisted that she was sending the best of the best to make me feel special on my special day. I don’t love getting my hair and make up done, but this time, I told them I was open to them doing whatever they wanted (more flexibility when you turn 40?!?!?). And holy smokes, I was so happy with the result. I loooooooooove my hair and now if I get my hair done, I am going to show them pictures of this because I loved it so much.


I told the stylist that I loved braids but could do a crown braid myself, so to do something different and unique. The top portion is a normal inside out braid and then it goes in to a fish tail braid.

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Make Up Artist: Oscar Caballero

There is only one person I really trust to give me make up advice, and that is Oscar Caballero. I first met him 4 years ago at Barney’s in the makeup department where he works for Natura Bisse.  He also works independently as a make-up artist.  From day one, there was just an instant feeling of comfort and trust, and I went to him for advice on skincare and makeup. Since then, he has done my makeup countless times, as well as my mother-in-law’s.  He is also a friend.  Enjoy this interview… ladies… here are some great tips from an expert!


Oscar! Applying makeup to Miss Honduras.

Oscar! Applying makeup to Miss Honduras.

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Josie Natori’s Beauty Routine

The minute my mother-in-law walks in the door, people stare at her. She carries herself regally, impeccably dressed, and is constantly glamorous and beautiful. In the 12 years (!) that I have known her, I have constantly been in awe of her beauty, grace, and class. So, I decided to ask her questions on how she takes care of herself (with the unrealistic hopes that it would give me the tools and hints on how to be as beautiful as she is). Take a look at her answers!

JCN and me at the CFDA's

JCN and me before the CFDA’s

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3 Beauty Products I Love

I tend not to wear a lot of makeup, but the makeup that I do put on, I love. These three beauty products are new additions to my bathroom cabinet, and I can’t get enough of them!

Hourglass Extreme Sheen Lip Gloss

hourglassLaunched in 2004, Hourglass Cosmetics is a paraben-free beauty brand that offers the most luscious and beautiful lip colors. I am particularly fond of the extreme sheen lip gloss which is deep, shiny, and luxurious. The active ingredients also hydrate the lips which prevents them from cracking or chapping. The lip gloss goes on smoothly, adds a punch of color, and relieves thirsty lips without flaking or drying the color.

lip gloss

This lip gloss doesn’t have the stickiness that many others have. It adds color without being overly matte, is hydrating, and gives off the perfect amount of shimmer and sheen to the lip.

Small enough to hide in the palm of your hand.

Small enough to hide in the palm of your hand.

Chanel Bronzer Brush

Is there anything that Chanel makes that isn’t super fabulous and first class?

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