CFDA 2018 Prep

Tonight is the CFDA awards; the Oscars for fashion designers (and “the biggest night in Fashion you have probably never heard of“). And for the fourth year in a row, I have the privilege of attending. Although I am a big nobody at these award shows, it is still fun to get all dressed up and see all these celebrities up close and personal.  While I’m not overly excited about Kim Kardashian, I am SUPER excited that my girl crush Busy Phillips will be there — who I love with all my heart. I am going to make it a mission to seek her out and tell her how much I love her….I hope it’s not awkward. BUT I LOVE HER.


CFDA 2017. Me and my hubba hubba date, Ken Natori.

Highlight of last year’s night was seeing Heidi Klum’s tush. Not bad, not bad.

CFDA 2016 with my date the beautiful Josie Natori.

Highlight of that night, seeing all the random red.

And for whatever reason, it is ALWAYS raining for the CFDA awards.  But what are you going to do? Suck it up and deal 🙂 And yep, it looks like it is going to be raining tonight too. Why be different?


So what do I wear to this event? GOOD QUESTION. I obviously wear Josie Natori. So I picked out a top and a bottom that looks like a dress when put together. It is a gorgeous duo and feels very feminine and pretty all together. The Hokkaido top and Hokkaido skirt  have punchy colors, incredible embroidered details, and are soft and flowy.


The top. It is asymmetrical.

The skirt is so soft and light that I want to twirl in it.


Getting it shortened. Gotta show some legs, CHICAS.


As always with these special nights, I will get my make up done and moan and groan about getting dressed up. It takes so much hard work to look pretty — but I am sure that it will be a fun and memorable night. And I am happy to be going with my mother in law and have some quality time together.  She travels so much that I have not spent a lot of time with her in the past year, so I am truly looking forward to our night together! I will do a recap of the night for Wednesday’s post, and to see last year’s recap go here. Happy Monday!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Jealous! Excited to see the recap. What an exciting opportunity. Have fun!

  2. I share your Busy obsession. One of my fave celeb follows on Insta. Have fun. Take a selfie together!

  3. SO jealous. The CFDA Awards red carpet might be my favorite of the entire year.

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