Quickfire Interview with Josie Natori

Are you curious about Josie Natori’s habits and everyday routine? Here is a quickfire interview with my mother-in-law. Enjoy!


The beautiful Josie Natori.

The beautiful Josie Natori.


Jeans: not me but if I have to choose, then I like my Balenciaga jeans
Heels: Gianvito Rossi
Flats: Do not wear flats.
Boots: Louboutins
Sunglasses: Natori
Watch: Hermes
Day bag: tote
Jewelry you wear everyday: Josie Natori
Workout wear: leggings and t shirt
Designers: Alaia and Alexander McQueen
Lingerie or underwear: Natori
Where do you shop: Paris
Shopping mecca: Paris




Preferred workout: strength training with personal trainer Joan Pagano
Sport: Tennis once a year.
Do you meditate? No
Morning rituals: fresh OJ and coffee
Evening rituals: bath
Tea or coffee: Black coffee in morning and verveine at night.
Guilty pleasure: junk food
Toothpaste: Colgate
Skin care: Dr Sebagh
Soap: Santa Maria Novella
Hairdresser? Massato




Where do you live? Upper east side
Artist: Paul Horiuchi
Favorite posession: my Steinway & Sons piano
Favorite local restaurant: Wajima
China or Pottery: chinese/japanese
Favorite piece of furniture: bed

Flowers: orchids b/c they remind me of the tropics

Porcelain: Famille Rose

Wallpaper: Maya Romanoff wallcovering
Minimalist or maximalist? Minimalist
Beach: islands
Hotel: Amanyara
Dinner party secret: caterer
Most used kitchen gadget: fridge
Favorite recipe: I don’t cook!
Favorite snack: potato chips / shrimp chips
Favorite drink: champagne
What do you collect?  everything
What’s always in your fridge? Perrier




Who or what inspires you? My mother
Favorite discovery: learning how to instagram
Fashion idol: Coco Chanel
Favorite charity: Women In Need (WIN)
Favorite color: black, orange, and chartreuse
Favorite movies: I watch a movie every five years, but if I had to say, then ‘Inodchine
Favorite writers: Wayne Dyer
Nightstand reading: WWD
Necessary indulgence: champagne




Apps: Viber for communicating with the Philippines
Phone: Iphone and a blackberry
Phone case: black (tech21 or any other minimal yet durable)
Laptop or desktop?  Neither, ipad!
Computer bag: Ipad in my purse.
Favorite gadget: my iphone
Recent Google search: how to play music on my Amazon Echo


Stay tuned for more of these quickfire interviews!  Have a great week.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Love that she never wears flats! I am so jealous of her life. Such a successful and accomplished woman.

  2. I laughed out loud at favorite discovery – learning how to instagram! She is so inspiring and interested in keeping up with technology and social media, it’s amazing how she can do it all.

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