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While my mother-in-law made her name in sleepwear and bras/underwear, Natori has truly become a lifestyle brand with its establishment in a number of other collections, most notably in Ready-to-Wear.  Since she established RTW 8 years ago, the collection has evolved every year, and has reached a new high point with its Spring ’18 trunk show on Moda Operandi.


For those of you unfamiliar, Moda is a luxury online retailer that allows customers to pre-order items from fashion shows before they get produced.  So instead of seeing a show in September and having to wait until the following Spring to order (and hope you can get something before it sells out), you can go to Moda and order now to guarantee delivery of a piece when production is ready a few months later.  A true win-win!


Being on Moda is a huge step forward for the brand.  Below are some of my favorite looks from the collection.


Floral Flared Trousers

I love high waisted pants AND prints, so high waisted PRINTED FLORAL pants are just the best combination. I want these in both color ways.


Flared Trousers

I also love these flared pants; pants with style and pizazz are not just trendy but great pieces to wear every day.


Ruffle Bustier

I am not one to show off my belly (or belly button), but I love the idea of this bustier with super high waisted pants….and a cardigan on top (I am somewhat prudish). I love this color — so Spring!


Floral Dress with Corsage

A more conservative dress, but I love the florals and cut. I personally would make it masculine with boots, tights and a cardigan — or sneakers. But still love it nonetheless.


Off the Shoulder Floral Dress

Young, flirty, and fun.



Congrats to my MIL and the Josie Natori RTW team!  Everyone: pre-order now on Moda Operandi!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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