NYC Marathon Expo

After another night of no sleep (hello, jet-lag), I managed to pop in to the TCS New York Marathon Expo. I know, I know, I know….we had no choice to attend (we had to personally be the ones to pick up our number, no task rabbit messenger service for the marathon), but in addition to being a check off on my to-do-list, it also sparked some energy and fireworks into my veins. WE ARE RUNNING THE NEW YORK CITY MARATHON IN TWO HOLY CRAP DAYS!


Big grin (better than sore muscles)

Big grin (better than sore muscles)

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NYC Marathon- Here We Come!

Big announcement from the Natori Family — Ken and I are running the 2014 New York City Marathon! November 2nd — just a little over one month away! We are both excited, nervous, energized, inspired, and motivated to run. After a full summer of runs out in the Pacific Northwest, we agreed that this was the year to do it. And…. the couples that run together, stay together! Inspired by Joanna, and her fight for life, we are running on behalf of Team In Training, a charity benefiting research for Leukemia and Lymphoma. We both feel moved and committed to run to raise money on behalf of the life and memory of our dear friend and family member. Joanna gave it all she got, enduring chemo, radiation, hospital life, isolation, pain, and discomfort. Running 26.2 miles is nothing in comparison. So we are doing this for Joanna.


A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to run the NY Marathon 18 mile Tune Up Race. It was exhilarating. Great race! It helped that I made a friend on the course, Stephanie. STEPHANIE — where are you? Who are you? I don’t know your last name and want to find you!

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Eugene Half Marathon 2014

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 12.59.54 PM


As Ken told me at the Butte to Butte, “Going to a road race in Eugene is like attending a hedge fund conference in NYC.  Everyone feels at home.” And he is so right! Eugene, Oregon is “Track Town USA.” Most everyone is sporty and either bikes, runs, or does both. Eugene frequently hosts the Track and Field Olympic Trials (in 1972, 1976, 1980, 2008 and 2012, and will host again in 2016). Additionally, it is the birthplace of Nike, Steve Prefontaine, and the historic Hayward Field.

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2014 Paris Marathon

I did it, again! Thank you to everyone in my life who supported, encouraged, motivated, inspired, cheered, and helped me through my journey of running the Paris Marathon. The run was an unbelievably challenging and rewarding gift, and would not have been possible without everyone in my life. An incredibly huge shout out to my fabulous mother-in-law who traveled from Japan be there for me, as well as my beloved father who traveled from Sweden. Would not have been the same without them (Ken was in NYC taking care of the kids — thank you!), and I am forever grateful of their love and support (and how amazing is it that my parents and inlaws get along so well? Makes me want to cry, I am that lucky of a girl).


The start.

The start

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Running Essentials

In preparation for The Paris Marathon, I completed my first 20 mile run / hobble last Friday. It went remarkably well and now the reality is setting in that Paris is actually happening. GULP.


After my run on Friday, I needed to eat pizza and stretch immediately. So here I am, the minute after I got home, with my legs up the wall (or stove).  While I look ridiculous, stretching like this helps release toxins.  And the pizza is self explanatory!


O.M.G. It is really happening. And I cannot wait. LOOK AT THIS DREAM! My GOAL!

The following items are things that I cannot live without on my long distance training runs.

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