Nike Cropped Sweatshirt

Since I spend 40% of the time in workout gear (the other 40% is equally divided by Natori pajamas and day clothes i.e.jumpsuits and rompers), I was ecstatic to find a new silhouette of a sweatshirt — cropped and boxy. It is Nike and comes in multiple colors, and as soon as I saw it, I knew that I needed two immediately.


Cropped. Boxy. Petite. SWOOSH.

Long arms, short torso.

My 8 year old actually asked me if I got the wrong sized sweatshirt because it looked “way too small” for me.

It’s the style!

Not just for workout clothes!

Here I am post run….

And yes, it is very cropped (sorry for a sneak peak at my belly button). But I love the different length and look of the sweatshirt.


To buy the sweatshirt, go here. It currently comes in six different colors (I have two) and I can’t wait to get the other four (yes I hoard sweatshirts). Cute, right? I think Nike is doing a fantastic job recently with their clothing and products, and I can’t wait to see what else they are putting out for Fall and Winter.

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  1. Where is the hammer (the swish looks like a sickle)? Just a post-communist association triggered by a pervasive corporate advertising…

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