Sea Glass in France

As I have mentioned before, I love searching for sea glass. It is almost an obsession — once I start, I cannot stop. It is SO satisfying and so fun — I love everything about it. Right now, I am in the South of France, and NO ONE collects sea glass — in fact, when I do it, everyone comes up to me and asks what I am looking for and what I am going to do with it — and because of the fact that there is no one collecting it, there is SO much sea glass. It is awesome!!!! And I came up with an idea what to do with the sea glass and I am so excited!!!!


For the past 4 days, every morning after my run, I spend 10-30 minutes looking for some sea glass. Yes, very flattering photo. But I wanted proof of the fact that I was in my running gear, walking on a rocky beach, spending time looking for these little jewels.

We also go out in the afternoon to look for them. More eyes, more sea glass!

This is what I collected in a span of 2 minutes. Look at ALL the colors and variation.

This in a span of 30 minutes! (I had to bribe Cruzzie to come with us — he has no interest — with the possibility of getting ice cream, hence the 10 euro bill in my bag).

This is what we collected in two days.

So I finally put it in a big big bowl. NOW, I put it in plastic bags separating the colors, because I became obsessed with separating the colors each time, and that was a big waste of time.


When we return to the US next week, I have an idea of what to do with the sea glass as an art project and I am so excited. It might be a huge royal flop since I have never done such a thing, but STAY TUNED! I can’t wait to try!

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