Shadow Box

From the age of six months old, Tusia wore amber necklaces around her neck at all times. As time went on, she never took them off and instead added more to her pile. FOR TEN YEARS, she wore 3 amber necklaces and only took them off once (for a ballet recital when she was in Kindergarten). They were a part of her body, her vibe, her look. And yet, this summer, she told me she no longer wanted to wear them. It broke my heart and I told her she had to…..(to which I was told that I was not “pro choice” if I controlled some one else’s body….) so I realized that it was in fact her choice, and I could no longer control her necklace situation. Because they were such a huge part of her life (and mine), I decided to put them in a shadow box, frame them like art, so that we could always have them to look at.


Tusia this summer with her necklaces.

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Locket Necklace

I love jewelry — gold, silver, turquoise, diamonds, plastic, beads, whatever!  And I particularly love special and memorable pieces that are symbolic and meaningful.  So, to me, a locket necklace is the perfect piece of jewelry. Dainty, beautiful, with a little hidden secret photograph inside. LOVE.monica rich kassanI recently came across a collection of lockets from Monica Rich Kosann, and I was instantly sold. Each of them is so beautiful and unique, that it took me a while to settle on just one. They are all so incredibly special. The Monica Rich Kosann collection is designed to offer customers heirlooms for their generation. As she claims, “A woman can tell her story through her jewelry. Living with and celebrating the memories we create each day in our lives is universal to all of us.” And I fully agree .


Lockets and charms. All with a personal touch.

A locket truly captures a unique moment, and it is extra special that you can keep that moment close to your heart. Plus, little kids love opening up lockets to see what is inside. Well, at least my monkey does. Every night before bed time, he asks to see what is inside of the necklace. Melts my heart.

So many options to choose from!

So many options to choose from!

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Natori necklaces!

Some people don’t know, but Natori now makes to-die-for necklaces. And they are absolutely amazing. The necklace that I am most dreaming about is the Josie Natori Layered Burned Horn Necklace. It is bulky, big, out of this world, earthy, autumny, and hip.

Natori necklace

Awesomely Huge.

I can imagine wearing it with a solid shirt/sweater/tank and jeans and making the perfect and just-right outfit!

On model.


Natori wooden necklace

The awesome large-and-in-charge necklace around my neck.

Here are more Natori necklaces to look at!

Natori necklaces

In Natori fashion, all these necklaces are fabulous, large, statement pieces. Not for the shy!

Happy Wednesday! More on Friday!

AYN, a.k.a., The Josie Girl