Currently Loving February 2024

January was a long year….and now we are at the shortest month, but it’s still winter (which I don’t love) but this is what I AM loving!


1. H Mart Haul


H Mart is a Koren grocery store that has every kind of Asian food that you want. Last weekend, we went there as an activity, and there was so much to look at and buy, we could have all stayed there for HOURS! This was some of our goodies that we picked up. Chocopie — HUGE hit with Cruzzie. His favorite — and now I need to go back and get more for him.

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Great Gift

The other day I co-hosted a small group of friends for a class that taught us to arrange flowers — (which by the way, I HIGHLY recommend — super fun), and one of the guests gave us the most genius present — a wine cooler sleeve! I have not even heard of it but am so in love with it that I am now going to give it as a present for wherever I go!


Before I share photos of the wine sleeve, here are some of the photos of the flower class. Look at the blush selection of colors of the flowers. LOVE.

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Currently Loving May 2023 #1

May in NYC started off gray and rainy, but over the weekend, the weather improved and it is GLORIOUS outside. Nothing better than NYC in the sunshine (without humidity) and not overly hot (very rare). I am loving a lot this month, so broke up this one post into two — so stay tuned for later in the week for the second portion of everything I am loving this month!.


1. Amber Waves Farm


Amber Waves Farm. A friend who is heavily involved in a Hamptons Farm, Amber Farms, had people over to her house for food, cocktails, and a tulip making class with tulips grown locally at the Amber Waves Farm. It was incredibly informative (I learned so much) and also so much fun. And the flowers — holy smokes, so gorgeous.

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Amber Necklace

This past summer in Oregon, I noticed that every little baby wore amber necklaces (just like the adults wore tye dyes and birkenstocks). It looked hip — the orange, yellow twinkle and shine — but I knew that there was more to the story than just aesthetics (hippies don’t care about being stylish). And sure enough, there was.

Baby Girl

But check out the cuteness! The look alone is worth it to me.

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Summer Hair

99.99% of the time, my hair is up in an olive-oyl chignon. I rarely wear it in a different style…guilty of being boring and predictable! Luckily, contributing editor Ali, via her hair stylist, Kate has some tips for us! Here they are! Thanks, Ali and Kate! Take it away!


Ali, and her amazingly styled, perfectly cut hair. Thanks to Kate! (and genetics, too. Obvi).

Ali, and her amazingly styled, perfectly cut hair. Thanks to Kate! (and genetics, too. Obvi).

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