Crap Eyewear

Yes I realize that summer is now over so sunglasses are less important. BUT, big but, there is always a time and place to wear sunglasses. I found a pair of sunglasses in June, and they immediately became my favorite pair. They are cheap (although not GAP cheap), good looking enough, durable, and snazzy (super important adjective). And they have the best name, Crap Eyewear. I know, right? The line was born in reaction to the expensive eyewear market, but the glasses are fashion forward and… affordable! Win-win.

Here I am in ny crap eyewear.

Here I am in my Crap Eyewear.

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Costalots Glasses

My college best friend, Midge, is a cartoon character.; goofy, cooky, adorable, fun, funny, and colorful. Her look and aesthetic matches perfectly with her bubbly, outgoing personality, and her new glasses match her hipster vibe 100% (Note: she doesn’t just dress like a hipster, she *is* a hipster, I mean, she participates in Trivia every Monday, does things like “1/4 of a marathon on a treadmill race” and has salsa competition parties). Her glasses, Costalots, made by her good friend, Matt Costa, are the perfect accessory to round out her Oakland look. She has both everyday Costalots glasses and sunglasses (she was always the one the past 15 years that wears her sunglasses OVER her everyday glasses — quite the look). Costalots prides itself on quality and simplicity, and are the definition of hip.


It's like her bitmoji came on for the most perfect bitmoji EVER to exist.

It’s like her bitmoji came alive… on for the most perfect bitmoji EVER to exist.

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See Concept – Paris

On my recent trip to Paris (I know, I can’t stop…..sorry!), I stopped in to Colette, the hip retail store that curates the newest and coolest looks, items, clothing.. everything. When we first walked in, there was a huge group of people looking at sunglasses, so I knew there was something special to check out. See Concept, a Parisian glasses company, founded in 2010 by a trio of designers from Lyon, France, is a line of chic, ready-to-wear eyeglasses at an accessible price. They offer a range of colors and stylish styles that flatter all face shapes. And they don’t just make men’s / women’s glasses, but also juniors, too. Gucci.


Cool box, cool shades, cool dude.

Cool box, cool shades, cool dude. For 35 bucks. Everything screamed for me to buy them. (These are for Cruz)

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