NYC Fall To Do List 2017

HERE I GO AGAIN….another list, another set of goals…..


1. Go to a new restaurant each month.


We are spoiled in NYC with access to the best food and restaurants in the world. And yet, Ken and I have the tendency to go to the same three (who am I kidding, ONE) restaurant. So I want to make more of an effort and take advantage of all the great food around us.


There are over 850,000 (Thanks, Alexis) restaurants in NYC! So many types, cuisines, atmospheres, and experiences to try.


2. See School of Rock on Broadway


Every December, the kids and their close friends go to a Broadway musical. Last year, we saw Aladdin (huge success), and the year before, Lion King (another success). This year, I think the show to go to is School of Rock!


Rock on, School of Rock!


3. View Manhattan from the One World Observatory


We have tickets to go up and haven’t used them yet because every time we have tried, the weather has not cooperated. But, we are determined to go (I already paid for our tickets!) and we will. I’ve heard the views are incredible and it’s worth the TriBeCa trek.


Look at the view — don’t you want to go up there, too? I can’t wait to go on a perfect day with visibility!


4. Run the NYC Marathon


Well, I want to cross one thing off my to-do-list (unlike this Summer when I wasn’t able to cross anything off), and since I know that I am running the NYC marathon (as of last week), so be it. It is the greatest day in New York and I love being a part of it — either as a spectator or as a runner. Excited, nervous, and giddy all at the same time. Best day in New York City, hands down.  (Yes, I decided to run after my experience in Chicago last weekend).


Crowded, hilly, hard, but full of energy, passion, motivation, and drive. The NYC marathon is one of a kind; my favorite marathon to date and favorite day in the city. I am a proud New Yorker on Marathon Day!


5. See the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade


Years ago, my littlest sister worked at Macy’s so we had Central Park West bleacher seats, which were great. After several years of traveling over the holiday (including this last year) we are staying put in 2017. So we want to go to Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade again so the kids can remember it (since they are now at an age that they will remember everything).


A classic.


6. Have Afternoon High Tea at the Whitby Hotel


Several friends have recently told me about this little gem of a hotel with a gorgeous setting to drink tea (and champagne). It looks like it is the perfect mixture of cool, hip, girlie, elegant, and delicious. I cannot wait to go!


Classy and chic.


7. Renew my Citi Bike membership


When Citibike first came out, I decided I was going to get around the city via bike. But then I used it once and got scared of traffic and riding next to all the crazy drivers….but now, after weeks of trekking allover the city with my damn feet, I am ready for a change of pace and want to bike more instead of adding more steps to my tracker….I already walk so much!


Bring on the blue bikes.


8. Listen to more podcasts


You can learn so much from one little podcast! It is like college in an hour! So sign me up.


So informative, helpful, inspiring, and interesting!


9. Visit more of the boroughs of New York City


NYC is composed of FIVE boroughs, and I spend 95% of my time in Manhattan. The rest is in Brooklyn. Both of those boroughs are wonderful and great, but there is so much to see and do in the other ones as well. So I want to make it more of a priority for the Natori family to visit the other boroughs and see the different neighborhoods and communities that are so close, yet wildly different.


Look how small Manhattan is comparison to the other boroughs!


10. Have a cocktail at the Wythe Hotel


Post NYC marathon, I will do many of the tasks on the list by going to Brooklyn (visiting another borough), and toasting Fall and NYC with a drink with incredible views!


Tequila + views = heaven!


So there you have it, my to do list for the Fall. Have a great week!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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End of Summer 2017

To us, summer is ending. We return to NYC tomorrow night after 2 plus months in Oregon, and as usual, the time flew by and summer disappeared in a *snap*. We had the best time doing a lot of nothing except for exploring Oregon and California, spending time together as a family, and taking advantage of the beautiful nature. It is fun to look back at the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the summer as I accomplished ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THEM. It is almost funny, um, well sort of funny. Literally, NONE OF THEM. Take a look. Maybe looking at my failing my goals will make you feel good about yourselves!


First off, thank you to my parents for always being so generous, loving, and wonderful. They hosted many of my friends (and their families) and always let their house feel like my house. I can't thank them enough -- forever grateful for them.

First off, thank you to my parents for always being so generous, loving, and wonderful. They hosted many of my friends (and their families) and always let their house feel like my house. I can’t thank them enough — forever grateful for them. They are the reason I am who I am, and I couldn’t love them anymore (even if my mom wears socks with her birkenstocks and my dad’s fancy shoes are New Balances).

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Summer 2017 To-Do-List

Greetings from Oregon!  The kids and I have officially relocated for the summer. Every year, I am a broken record with very similar summer to-do lists. It either means that I set the right intentions that I want to repeat OR that I have goals that I never end up accomplishing….I really hope that this summer, I am able to commit to my list and make it happen!


1. Learn how to breathe.


Waves = calming sound = meditiating?

Waves = calming sound = meditating?

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New Years Goals 2017

Happy New Year! For whatever reason, this year, I felt ambitious and decided to come up with 17 resolutions (goals / to do list / aspirations) for 2017 rather than just 5 or 10. (I think I had time to think about it for 24 hours when traveling back from Asia on Friday!) Here they are:


Heading into 2017

Heading into 2017.. a dock in Palawan in The Philippines (more on our vacation to come!)


1. Give myself more credit. I am hard on myself and rarely acknowledge (and applaud) my own accomplishments and successes.


2. Accept (and love) my body for the way it is. Be kind to myself.

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Summer 2016 To-Do-List

I realize that for many of you, summer started almost a month ago.  But it is never too late to create a summer 2016 to-do-list / wishlist.  (Here is my To-Do-List from last summer). Enjoy!


1. Go to Hot Yoga twice a week. (Already been twice in this past week, so we are off to a good start! #HumbleBrag)


Shavasana counts in yoga, right? (This is my dad last year on the Oregon Coast)

Shavasana counts in yoga, right? (This is my dad last year on the Oregon Coast)

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Summer 2015 Book List

I hope everyone had a nice Father’s Day! I had a wonderful time celebrating with my guapo, devoted, hands on, loving husband who is the BEST father out there; by riding carousels, sweating buckets at the Playground, drinking milkshakes and eating at Fred’s with my Father-in-law (also a terrific father). Next up, celebrating my own incredible fanny-pack-wearing, dependable, loveable, and smartest man alive father– when we go to Oregon on WEDNESDAY!!!! Not only do our packed bags signify the summer, but so too does my stack of fun books to read. So here is my summer 2015 Book List!



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Fall 2013 Reading List

Maybe it is because I am becoming older and more “mature,” but recently, I’ve been craving books instead of TV (or maybe it is because I need more TV shows to watch).  I know, crazy… I am a full-fledged adult. Here are my top picks for this Fall and Winter!  Perfect as you gear up for Thanksgiving travel..



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NYC Fall 2013 To Do List

Back into the swing of things….so here is my current Top 10 NYC Fall to-do-list! So many different options and adventures to experience this fall. Check it out.

Tata and Toosh -- although it is not FULL ON FALL, the leaves *are* starting to fall, and before you know it, all the leaves will be off the trees....

Tata and Toosh — although it is not FULL ON FALL, the leaves *are* starting to fall, and before you know it, all the leaves will be off the trees….

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Summer Activities in NYC

Just finished a great weekend with the family all together, as Ken is out for the week here in Oregon. We went on a hike, attended a puppet show, drank some coffee, and ventured to the Oregon Country Fair. So, although I am not in New York for the summer, here is a list of ten activities that I would do if I were there.

1.  Shop at the Artists and Fleas pop up store at Chelsea Market.

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market

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36 Hours

Every Sunday, The New York Times Travel section has a column titled “36 Hours” where they highlight all that you can do in a specific city for 36 hours. The popular column helps you create a a dream weekend with realistic and approachable itineraries — ideal for us OCD planners. The Times and book publisher Taschen came together to create a series of books with updated and new versions of the columns– a perfect gift for Father’s Day, an anniversary, a housewarming, or just a token to say I-love-you.

The colorful trio of books.

The colorful trio of books.

Not only are these books incredibly informative and practical, but they are also beautiful and special. Put them on your coffee table to stir up a conversation or place them on your nightstand to read before bed!

On shelf.

On shelf.

I bought three books from the series, USA Northeast, USA Westcoast, and 150 weekends in USA and Canada (which is the whole American/ Canadian series in one book. Ken would point out that buying all three of these is unnecessary.  OOPS!).

West Coast Love.

West Coast Love.

Northeast Like.

Northeast Like.

USA weekend trips!

USA weekend trips!

Below is a sample of 36 Hours from the Times online.  Auckland, New Zealand!

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Spring 2013 Reading List

Here we go, again. Officially on spring break, I have more time, energy, and desire to read books! So here is my long, aspirational, and overly-hopeful list of books to read for Spring (Summer / Fall / Winter) 2013!

1. Me Before You (Jojo Moyes)

Me before You

2. Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead (Sheryl Sandberg)

Lean In

3. Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand)


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