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Fred’s at Barneys is our second kitchen. We eat there so much that I would feel comfortable walking in and opening the fridge to see what I want to eat. I know the menus (both lunch and dinner) backwards and forwards, and love almost everything I have tried there. We eat there so much that the waiters and hosts treat Ken as royalty (but when I go by myself, they often don’t recognize me!) I guess without Ken, I am just some other blonde, white, Upper East Side chick coming to eat at Fred’s for dinner. But if I am with Ken (who, yes, is more distinctive looking than me), the red carpet is rolled out! Holla!


Barneys is located on Madison Avenue between 60th and 61st street. Barneys is a high end department store that specializes in high end designers, as well as more obscure and unique foreign brands.

Fred’s is located in Barneys on the 9th floor and is open for both lunch and dinner. The lunch scene is a full on fashion runway show with lots of celebrities, big time shoppers, tourists, and business people. It is always jam packed for lunch with people in the know. Dinners are much more subdued and low key — there is never a wait, never a scene, and one can always get a table (this is why we only go for dinner). Not only can you get a seat, but it is quiet and a perfect location for a tasty, quick, easy, reliable meal in a classy and quiet environment.

9th floor

Fred's is located on the 9th floor at Barneys. On your way up to Fred's, you can look at all the beautiful (and expensive) shoes on the 4th floor, the modern Co-op floor on 7th and 8th floors, or the handbags on the first floor. It is like eye candy before you eat a meal. Perfect combination of beautiful luxurious clothes and accessories with a great meal!

NY image

NY image. I am such a wanna-be photographer. But how cool did this taxi turn out?


Lanvin window currently on display. The windows at Fred's are always so creatively decorated and put together.


Why hello silver elevator.


Sisterly love on our way to dinner together. It is always funny riding an elevator up to a restaurant, but I guess it gives you a minute or two to primp in front of the mirrors beforehand????

Dinner at Fred’s is almost a secret because it is so quiet. The store closes at 8, but the restaurant is open until 9 (except for Sundays when it closes at 6). But the quietness and calmness of Fred’s is one of the reasons we love it so much.


Red menu. I always order off the lunch menu -- which has a lot more options for soups, salads, and sandwiches. You are always welcome to eat lunch menu items at dinner -- you just have to ask them.


Inside Fred's.


Cheers. Party on.


Caprese Salad. Ken and I also have the tendency to ask for prosciutto with it which makes it even more scrumptious and special. In addition to the tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella, it has roasted red and yellow peppers, too. DELISH.

Fennel salad

Fennel Salad is one of Ken's go to appetizers. It is a light, citrus salad, that is also easy to make it at home. Every time my mom visits NY, we go to Fred's (obvi) and she loves this salad, too.

Vintage Natori

My little sister, Galen in vintage Natori. She purchased this top at a Natori sample sale two years ago! Between $5 and $15 -- what a steal! And what a good looking piece of clothing on a good looking gal.

By far, my single favorite item at Fred’s is the french fries. Normally, I am a fan of small and slender fries (versus jojo style fries — which Ken actually prefers), but these are TO-DIE-FOR. Just the right amount of crispiness. Not overly greasy, just right.

french fries

OOC -- out of control French fries.

dipping sauce

3 dipping sauces for the fries. Ketchup, mayo, and a spicy mayo. I like to mix together regular mayo and ketchup (with added ground pepper on top) and create my own little special sauce. Ken calls this "cooking" and makes fun of me that this is the only thing I know how to actually cook. Harumph.


Scallops. They look so pretty -- almost like a painting.


Fred's Chopped Chicken Salad but with grilled tuna instead of chicken. I am the biggest pain in the tush when I go to restaurants and like to alter my order in every way possible. Like this salad -- I asked for grilled tuna instead of grilled chicken, no onions, add goat cheese, and dressing on the side. I hope they don't spit in my food because I am such a PIA (Pain in A$$).


Pasta with shrimp. Ken tends to order either a pasta or meat dish for his dinner. Unlike me, Ken needs "hot food" for dinner, whereas, I actually prefer cold food. Tomato, Tomat-oh.

full belly

Full belly.

Check out the menu for Fred’s here. If you live in NYC, I highly recommend spending an afternoon or evening at Fred’s eating the food. Simple, classic, american fare. And if you don’t live in NYC but ever visit, this is FOR SURE a place to put on your list of restaurants to visit (especially since you can combine it with a shopping trip to Barneys).

Have a great weekend!

Anika Yael Natori, aka The Josie Girl.

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  1. Hysterical. I was visiting New York from Detroit and my friend said I had to go shopping at Barney’s and eat at Fred’s. she said if I went on Saturday afternoon I may see someone famous. I sat at the table next to Tory Burch! Was amazing. But it was a zoo. Looks much more laid back for dinner. Love the blog!

  2. Love Barneys in general! I live in CA but will be in NYC for college this coming Fall. I’m a dessert fanatic – what do you suggest? Can’t wait to check it out!!

  3. I had been to Barneys but I did not pay attention what was on the 9th Floor! What a kj New York City fan… But thanks for sharing all the wonderful appetizing food and the interior of Fred’s is cozy and modern, luv, luv, luv it!

  4. As a Natori family visitor, I (of course) have been to Fred’s–YUM!

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