End of Summer 2017

To us, summer is ending. We return to NYC tomorrow night after 2 plus months in Oregon, and as usual, the time flew by and summer disappeared in a *snap*. We had the best time doing a lot of nothing except for exploring Oregon and California, spending time together as a family, and taking advantage of the beautiful nature. It is fun to look back at the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the summer as I accomplished ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THEM. It is almost funny, um, well sort of funny. Literally, NONE OF THEM. Take a look. Maybe looking at my failing my goals will make you feel good about yourselves!


First off, thank you to my parents for always being so generous, loving, and wonderful. They hosted many of my friends (and their families) and always let their house feel like my house. I can't thank them enough -- forever grateful for them.

First off, thank you to my parents for always being so generous, loving, and wonderful. They hosted many of my friends (and their families) and always let their house feel like my house. I can’t thank them enough — forever grateful for them. They are the reason I am who I am, and I couldn’t love them anymore (even if my mom wears socks with her birkenstocks and my dad’s fancy shoes are New Balances).

1. Learn how to breathe. Can you believe it, I still don’t know how!!!! This is going to be on my to-do-list every year until I get it done, damnit.


2. Teach Toosh how to ride a 2 wheeler. This was going well week 1 of Summer and we made tremendous progress until one day when Toosh and I had a stand-off, and well, she won. And we never went back to the bike path to try. Next year? Sigh.


3. Go to Barre class three times a week. I tried — I really did. And on average I went once a week. So I guess this is a start? glass half full?


4. Strength train. OOPS totally forgot about that….and I guess I have no upper body strength to show, too. No pain, no gain. So no muscles for me!


5. Wear a hat. I did wear sunscreen everyday, but hats less so.


6. Read as many books as possible. This might be a goal I half way accomplished. In June and July, I read 8 books. So far in August, I have read 0 books.


7. Plan Summer 2018. I started gung-ho about this in June and by the 1st of July, I totally forgot about me making plans.


8. Learn how to do nothing. Eeks, didn’t do this because even when I had time and nothing to do, I would go on a hike, or read a book.  Maybe I don’t understand what doing nothing is.


9. Find new healthy cookie recipes. I didn’t even attempt this. I never went online to look at recipes, did not open a single cookbook the entire summer. I literally did not attempt this one. OOPS.



Although I am able to cross off 0 out of the 9 goals, I did have one of the best summers and truly feel like I accomplished a lot. Maybe not in this quantitative version; but in my heart, I did a lot, and I am so thankful for summer and all that we did, felt, saw, and experienced. So for that, I am grateful.


We did raft.

We did raft.

We learned how to dab.

We learned how to dab.

We saw waterfalls.

We saw waterfalls.

We ran dunes.

We ran dunes.


Not just a good summer, but a great summer. Not so ready for Fall (and don’t worry, I will still set goals and hopefully will accomplish maybe one of them!)….  NYC: here we come!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Ah, I didn’t accomplish much on my list either but definitely agree that I had a ton of new experiences and accomplished a lot 🙂 Safe travels heading home!

  2. Glad to see you a few times and SO happy that the kiddos enjoy playing together!! Until next time 😘

  3. I definitely need to set similar goals for myself and stick with them also! Seems like you still had some great experiences and saw some beautiful places with the family, maybe you can work on some of these goals through winter!

  4. Very few of my contemporaries get to host their daughters and grandchildren, so thank _you_!
    Btw., birks are supposed to be worn with socks and black NBs are elegant imho.

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