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The other night, out of the blue, I received a text from my college best friend:


Love getting texts like this — not only because it helps me with the blog, but I also LOVE planners, and love paper supplies, so this interested me right away!

So of course, I wrote back saying, tell me more! And more, I got!!!!  First of all, here is Em.


Beautiful, smart, caring, and man, do I miss her. She lives in CA, and we have not been able to see each other for years. But she is one of those friends that if either of us needed each other in a pinch, we would fly across the country (or world) to see one another. The love is real. She is one of a kind.


Ok, but back to planners! The Daily Planner!


First of all, it is pretty.


But more than just pretty, it is substantial for everything. And as Em wrote “it feels grownup. Traditional ones have 2 pages for a week, but in reality, there is so much to do and manage in one day, especially in all the roles we have¬† — mom / wife / sister / daughter / employee / friend. Now I can write down my work deadlines, which plans I need to make, and what to ask Justin about instead of having separate planner for work and for life. They all run together these days, right?” As soon as I read that review from Em, I ordered myself one. But she continued!


Old school planner with one week in two pages.

new and improved! So much more room and space.


And she continued, “It has heft — size of an old school notebook, reflecting the importance in adult life. Why do teenagers need more room to write then adults? 8 x 11, spiral and heavy.”


It’s inspirational / aspirational, reminding us what to dream of and what to plan for.

A sucker for inspirational quotes.


ALSO, “it reflects the amount of sh$t women really are dealing with / responsible for. I say that as I was looking for a planner to make me feel on top of managing Justin’s health / health care, answering all all his emails and texts, and hoping to continue showing up socially in my own life.”


How it works.

And more explanations.



So thankful Emily told me about this planner as it is the start of the year, and I always have a million notes to myself around the house. Now it can be in one spot. To buy the planner, go here. I am so excited for my planner to arrive and to stick to it. And Emily is a pro — busier than most dealing with so much. Her husband has health issues, and although heart wrenching to see (especially from across the country), she has been a pillar of strength and shown courage and positivity. Throughout this past challenging year, she has continued to be the best friend, always checking in and being there. Beyond lucky to have her in my corner, and I will always do whatever for her in return. Thank you, Em, for taking this time to share the value of these planners, and being biffle.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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