To Do Fall 2018

Almost October, so that means there is only 1 and a half months before it becomes Winter in NYC. Fall is a very short lived season and there is so much to do between now and then! Here is what I want to do this Fall:


We still have green leaves on the trees, but sooner rather than later, the colors will change and then the Park will be orange / yellow hues…

1. Take advantage of free Friday Nights at the Whitney Museum


Sad to say that I haven’t been to the Whitney since they moved downtown several years ago. I walk the High Line half a dozen times a year, and so should make more of an effort to go INSIDE the Whitney (located right next to The High Line). And Free Fridays? HECK, there is NO EXCUSE not to go!


2. Dance to Rufus du Sol live


OMG I love these guys so much and can’t wait to go over Thanksgiving weekend. Raw, emotional, and oh so beautiful.


3. Run the Chicago Marathon *and* the NYC marathon


Yep, I am crazy once again, running two marathons in one season. But the Chicago marathon is for my own personal attempt at running fast, and the NYC marathon is to be a guide for a disabled runner. I can’t wait to share my experience with you all — I know it will be life changing because even thinking about it makes me want to cry. The NYC marathon in general is the best day in NYC, and then to have the opportunity to help someone achieve their goals — GASP, TEAR — I am so excited.


4. Decorate my apartment for Halloween


I suck at holidays but I am really really really going to try to make more of an effort to decorate and be festive and celebrate these special days. On a side note; I feel like i am really good at celebrating each day in life, but not so much on the bigger and more “important” days. So, watch out, my house is going to be a Haunted House (not really, I hate clutter).


5. Discover the Museum of Pizza


Along with the rest of NYC, I am excited for this pop-up-experimental-museum! Can’t wait to take the kids to it! And pizza is my absolute favorite food group (besides butter).


6. Go on rides at Luna Park on Coney Island


I am a broken record and have wanted to go to Coney Island to go on the rides for YEARS and I keep adding it to my to do list but then never make it. This season, I better make it happen because it closes for the season at the end of October! And who doesn’t want to ride the old scary wooden dangerous rides?


7. Read books in Central Park


Hands down my favorite place in all of NYC, so I need to take more advantage of the nice weather and sit, watch, read, and just breathe inside the park. Nothing makes me happier than nature….especially in the city.


8. Watch a Broadway Show


Something about Broadway in the Fall and Winter is magical. Especially with the kids. Even though it is so touristy, we love it oh so much and I can’t wait to go to our annual show.


9. Continue to explore outer boroughs


Every year it is a goal to get out of our bubble and see the world around us. I tend to start the Fall off strong and am more adventurous and do things off the beaten path…but then I fall back into my own little neighborhood. So once again, I want to see more of NYC and all five boroughs (and not just during the NYC marathon!)


10. Drink Rose at Grand Banks


Grand Banks is located on the Hudson in lower Manhattan and is a hot spot during the spring and summer months. It is still open (through October) and I want to go there and just pretend I am young and have no obligations!


There you have it. A big list of BIG things to do! What is on your Fall to-do list? Do share — I love hearing what your goals / wishes / planned adventures are!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. While you are exploring around outside of Manhattan you should check out rise of the jack-o lanterns in Westbury long island. It’s a great Halloween event!

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