Winter To Do List 2020

I know Winter is almost over (or is that wishful thinking?) but here is a list of activities that I want to do in NYC in the next couple weeks (doesn’t winter feel like eternity?)


1. Groove (in my seat) at Hip Hop Dance Performance Off Broadway, Beyond Babel


Read about this performance in the NYTImes and I canNOT wait to go. I am buying tickets STAT.

2. Watch Jagged Little Pill on Broadway


I have heard such wonderful things about this musical and I am dying to go!


3. Be Amazed By Music Performers


Yep, going to Celine Dion with my mother-in-law. Not necessarily a fan, but I am excited nonetheless! Who can say no to a legend?


4. Bumper Cars at Bryant Park


Going this weekend and am SO excited! Hope it’s everything that I imagine it to be!


5. Eat at Le Crocodile


One of my favorite restaurants in recent years has been “Chez Ma Tante” and now they opened their second restaurant. Dying to try it!


6. Go on Quests for Perfections


Best cheeseburger, best pizza, best hot chocolate, best ramen, best dumplings. I want to make it a monthly field trip and go explore the city and come up with lists of perfection!


7. Visit NY Hall of Science exhibit of Scattered Lights


A great family outing, especially on a cold weekend. Excited to go explore and see!


8. SeeSaw between 37th and 38th


It closes tomorrow, but I am determined to go regardless! How fun and playful — for adults and kids alike!


9. Explore the newly renovated MoMA


Still haven’t been and will put it on my to do list from here until I actually do it.


So there you have it! My list of activities that I want to do! What else should I add on to it? I love exploring this big and wonderful city! So much to do and see!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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