Uniqlo J+ Down Coats

NYC is cold. So warm coats are key. Down coats, in particular.

Every winter, I am on the lookout for a toasty, hip, and affordable coat. This year, I headed to the Uniqlo J+ coat section. Jil Sander has been doing a collaboration collection with Uniqlo for the past two years, and this Fall/Winter season is her last joint effort with them. (Read about their parting ways here).  I love Jil Sander — her modern and sharp lines, clean aesthetic and general relaxed vibe all resonate with me. So her collaboration with Uniqlo is a win-win situation. Jil Sander fashion at Uniqlo prices!

For under 400 dollars, I bought 2 J+ coats — both warm, cozy, stylish (as stylish as a sleeping bag coat can be) and unique. Why two? (why not?) One is short, and one is long. And for those of you who deal with cold winters– there is a difference — you wear the short coat on cold days, and the long coat on unbearable, frigid, oh-holy-sh*t-its-cold days.

The first one. Drum roll.

Short uniqloj+

The short jacket. Comes in a multitude of colors -- black, nacy, forest green, brown, and burgundy.

$169.90 is a steal for a coat you wear every other day in the wintertime!

side view

The side view. As you can see, the back has some details -- including a nice little seam that gives you a badankadank.

Front view. Navy color.

And the second one….


Longer. Warmer. More like a sleeping bag.


(Don't mock the sullen face. I am not used to taking pictures of myself modeling anything) In my opinion, this coat is less cute, but mid-January, I don't really care about being cute. I care about not freezing my tush off.

So if you live in a freezing place, such as I do, RUN to Uniqlo and buy these coats while they last. I am sure you will not regret it for a minute! (Unfortunately, you cannot buy Uniqlo online — only in stores, but you can check out the various styles on their website for inspiration).

Until Friday, have a great rest of the week!

— AYN, aka the Josie Girl

Josie Girl


  1. Show some flair in your pics! you are on candid camera! hahhahahahah…. love ur blog

  2. I have never been to Uniqlo before, but this looks like a steal! Is it good down? I live in Chicago. Thanks for the tip!

    • You all must make Big Money in the part of the country… I couldn’t afford to buy it. Remember when you decide to get rid of these coats donate them ,so someone else,like me can keep warm:)

      • I definitely believe in donating goods to people less fortunate. My mother helps run a program for homeless in my hometown, so I am a big believer (and always have been) in giving back! Especially to people in cold places when warmth is a luxury! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. No Way! I have the short jacket in forest green and it is BEYONG amazing. I’m from Canada and it gets very chilly here… burr. That is SO cool that you wrote about my coat! What do you wear for gloves?

    • I struggle with gloves. Not fashionable — but patagonia ones. But I go through so many pairs each winter because I always lose them…oops!

      • Im always losing my gloves too… GAP has really cheap ones, so i dont feel bad when they get lost. sometimes i use pins to snap them to my coat (although it’s not so fashionable)

  4. Hi Josie Girl and ladies– HELP!!! I bought a +J down coat last year…and I love it!! but it now needs a cleaning, and of course I ripped off the cleaning how to label…I remember it being washable in cold water and I think dry-able as
    well. Anyone have the answers? It’s the simple hooded above the knee down coat from last year–sold in brown and black.

    • Hi Jan — I just took a look at my down jacket and it says “Hand cold wash, line dry, do not iron, do not dry clean.” Hope this helps!!!

  5. It’s coming back in the 2014 collection, yippee! Thanks for your modeled pictures, I’ll be going to buy them soon! 🙂

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