Isola Rosa Perfume

Over the past 5 plus years, I have never strayed from my signature scent 11:11. I wear it everyday, allday, and actually don’t smell if because it is truly just a part of me. I leave them splattered all over the house so I just can pick it up, and use it whenever I want. I know — totally obsessed. But recently, I came across a new scent and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So here we are, really loving this new perfume, Isola Rosa.


Chic bottle. The friend who I smelled it on told me to get it quickly as each shipment sells out fast. And sure enough, when I went to the store, they had one left. They said they can NOT keep it in stock and even the company sells out of it on their website.

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11 11 Body Oil

I basically bathe in my 11 11 essential oil — I have bottles throughout my entire house, and when I have only 1 or 2 left, I panic and hoard more of them. I love the smell so much that I constantly reapply it because I can never actually smell it on myself — it is not just my personal scent, but part of who I am (dramatic, but oh so true). The local store that sells 11 11 told me that there is a cult following for the scent, and I am one of their top buyers of it (I think I deserve more because of this). Last December, Lake and Skye came out with a candle, last summer a perfume, and THIS September they introduced body oil. And I am in love.


It is basically the essential oil, but in a super large size. Super hydrating, rich in essential fatty acids and enriched with anti-inflammatory Vitamin E, the body oil naturally nourishes and soothes dry skin. It’s the perfect compliment to the 11 11 fragrance collection.  Not too strong, just the right amount.

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11.11 Eau de Parfum

I am a cult follower of the fragrance 11 11 by Lake & Skye. Ever since it first came out, I have been buying it nonstop and wearing it every second of every day. I basically shower in it. People always comment on how I smell (to toot my own horn); for example last week, the Lottery ticket salesman said I smelled so nice, and then a young couple on the subway told me the same thing…(on a side note, it reminded me how nice it is to give compliments to strangers). The original 11 11 is an essential oil in a small tube with a roller ball. I carry it everywhere I go and apply it when I need a quick pick me up. That said, because it is an oil, the smell disappears quickly. So I was thrilled when I found out they released an eau de parfum in a larger size.

Pretty classic bottle, simple and bold fragrance.

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1509 Perfume

And yet again…another essential oil to add to my list of favorite scents! This scent, 1509 Baby Breath Bud, is subtle, clean, and comforting. Each bottle of 100% pure fragrance oil is hand packaged and created.  The healing oils (amber) are free of synthetic material and safe for your body. The smell is rich and soothing at the same time — a must for summertime.


Also comes in a travel size. Just as cute (with baby breath, too).

Also comes in a travel size. Just as cute (with baby breath, too).

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Ilary Perfume

The other day, I was walking down the street with a good friend and was entranced by her smell. It was divine, amazing, luscious, and beautiful, and I knew I needed to know more about the scent ASAP! Luckily, she put me in touch with the creator of the perfume who happens to be a good friend of hers. This incredible scent, ILARY, is created by Hillary. Hillary currently lives in Chicago with her husband and 2 young sons. and is busy building her perfume empire. I had the opportunity to interview her about her company. Take a look! And Thank you Hillary!




How did you start your own perfume?

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Favorite Fragrance Oil Scents

For the past several weeks, I have been on a fragrance scent kick. Essential oil blends that smell divine versus perfumes full of harsh chemicals and overpowering smells. Here are my top three fragrance oil scents — I honestly can’t get enough of them.


Big little small; all divine.

Big little small; all uplifting, clean and bright scents.

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Josie by Natori Exotic Petals

A new fragrance!  You’ll remember the Josie by Natori fragrance launched last summer… well, a new limited edition updated flanker is out and it is the PERFECT scent for late summer/early fall  — white floral, citrus, floral, musky, amber, and woody! Josie by Natori Exotic Petals (even the name smells good!).


Even the box is beautiful!

Even the box is beautiful!  Cool side note:  the print matches some Josie fashion pieces like this and this.  Love!

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Josie Fragrance / Bloomingdale’s Event



As the Josie girl, I love everything Josie. The prints, the material, the vibe, the lifestyle, and especially the new fragrance. Launched this past Summer, the fragrance is effortless, confident, and light. Just the right amount of subtle sweetness paired with crisp. The scent is a vibrant accord of crisp Asian Pear and Bergamot (LOVE!), followed by Sampaguita (the national flower of the Philippines), Freesia, and Wild Orchid. The perfect harmony of smells. And now, what is even more amazing is that the fragrance comes in a rollerball! Perfect for your purse, a stocking stuffer, or travel.  Cha-ching.

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Apparently I am the last one to know that a scent you put on your body is not called ‘perfume.’ Rather, it is called ‘fragrance.’ So, ladies, I am pleased to announce the ever-so-new and ever-so-fresh fragrance by Josie! Light, airy and transparent, this scent is infused with Asian pear, Sampaguita (the national flower of the Philippines) and some vanilla which makes it sweeter and fun for summer. Very fresh and every day. And it JUST came out last week!


The bottle

The bottle, a graphic take on life. The packaging is beautifully mismatched to achieve a statement of perfect imperfection. #truedat

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Eau de Yosh

Contributing editor day at the JGB.  Take it away, Ali!

Did you know that perfume was originally used by ancient civilizations for communicating with the gods?  Yosh Han knows that and countless other elements about the therapeutic properties of essential oils and aromatherapy, or trans-aromation as she calls it.  I believe she was born to be a perfumer– even the Chinese character for Yosh means “fragrant”.  How cool is that!?


Yosh is my dear friend and is truly an enlivened artist.  Always traveling the globe offering scented aura readings and sharing her full wardrobe of perfumes with those she encounters, she is a rare blend of wildly successful entrepreneur and feminine, passionate soul centered visionary.  Every time we are together the conversation takes us on a ride that stirs my soul and creativity.

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 9.38.18 PM

Yosh Han began her career as an apprentice to a perfumer in Aspen, Colorado where she learned to identify and combine essential oils and perfume essences. Today, inspired by all things that evoke emotion and memories, she combines the art of perfumery with the science of aromachology.

She founded her company Eau De Yosh in 2002 by developing a strong clientele who wanted their own signature perfumes.  Yosh calls upon her deep and abiding connection to flowers and herbs instilled by her mother, a trained master of Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arranging and a disciple of herbal medicine to fragrances that stir the senses, fascinate the mind and enchant the soul. Yosh integrates her spiritual connection with her aromatic artistry and teaches others about vibrational perfumery, edible essences and aromatic attunements—fragrant meditations.


Based on moods, personalities and intuition, each fragrance is crafted using the finest ingredients from all over the world, then assigned a numerical value that corresponds to the fragrance family and resonates with principles of Chakra energy and numerology.  Tell me how many perfumers you know who offer scented aura readings at Barneys?  I know of only 1!


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My New Favorite Perfume

I am not a big perfume person.  I also have never really understood why perfumes are so ridiculously expensive.  I now see the light, thanks to an in-house scent made at Warm, one of the most incredible boutiques of all time. (The overall boutique will definitely be the subject of a future post.). In any case, everything about this boutique is absolutely fabulously fantastic. And their perfume is also to die for. Not too strong, not too bold. Just the perfect amount of warmth and spice.


You can purchase the scent online or in the store. The website currently only sells their fragrance oil, but it is worth it to buy online just cause.

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