Onepiece Onesies!

While we have thawed out a little bit the last two days, it was FRIGID in NYC for the days and weeks before. To top it off, our heat hasn’t been working that well in our apartment. Double whammy. Thankfully, we have these incredible onesies from Norwegian company Onepiece to keep us warm and happy. They were given to us by our dear friends for a 40th birthday celebration last March. They were so great for that special weekend and I can’t wait to wear them the rest of the winter!


Never ever have I met a jumpsuit I didn’t love.

Our dear friend Camilla is from Norway, so it makes sense that she gifted us these onesies.

The front look

The full zipper.

Side view. Yes, I look a little ridiculous, but I am quite content and warm.

What is not to love?

A product of Norway. Cruzzie looked at me wearing the onesie and said “Those are from Auntie Camilla and I know that because it says Norway on it.”

Whole look.

Camilla and I last year in our matching outfits.

….AND they are not only for women, but men, too. Look how cute Ken looks in his. He wore this all weekened. LOVE his LOVE for the onesie.

The couple that wears onesies together, stays together.


To buy them, go here. They have a variety of different jumpsuits — literally any color shade you can imagine. They are a great addition to any winter weekend.

And even though it is in the 30s and 40s now, I still want to wear my onesies all day everyday.

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