Astis Ski Mittens

HOLY SMOKES I AM IN LOVE WITH MY NEW SKI MITTENS. They are truly perfection — colorful, artistic, and most importantly so warm and cozy. These mittens, made by Astis, are beautiful and designed especially for skiing. Each individual pair is created using natural materials from the highest quality suede leather. They are lined with dry-wicking Polartec Thermal to keep your hands dry, and each mitten is hand stitched in the USA.


Look at them! Aren’t they beautiful? I am obsessed. I wore them everyday in Sunriver over Christmas Break, and I will ski with them for years.

So warm. I couldn’t believe how warm they actually were.

Look at all the beading. So beautiful.

The backside.

The art!

Me and my dad (and the mittens)


They are not inexpensive, but I know that they will be in my life for dozens of years, so worth the investment. Plus, I love how it adds a little bit of color and originality to a boring ski outfit.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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