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I am not a big perfume person.  I also have never really understood why perfumes are so ridiculously expensive.  I now see the light, thanks to an in-house scent made at Warm, one of the most incredible boutiques of all time. (The overall boutique will definitely be the subject of a future post.). In any case, everything about this boutique is absolutely fabulously fantastic. And their perfume is also to die for. Not too strong, not too bold. Just the perfect amount of warmth and spice.


You can purchase the scent online or in the store. The website currently only sells their fragrance oil, but it is worth it to buy online just cause.

They describe the scent perfectly online — scent of aloha, bohemian holiday, day at the beach. It really is just that. A summery, subtle, divine scent that makes you feel oh so mellow and oh so fresh.

little bag

The little bag that the fragrance oil comes in. Everything about the perfume is beautiful and well thought out.

bottle next to bag

The little bottle next to bag. Warm, sunny, and happy colors.


The size of the bottle. A little goes a long way.

So if you want to pretend that it is still summer (don’t we all?), then go online and purchase this delicious scent. Or if you want to visit the website to see what collections they sell, go here. I know it may seem weird to buy a perfume without smelling it first, but I promise (cross my heart swear to god) that you will love it. PROMISE.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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