Now that it is getting cold in NYC, it is time to bundle up. And this means, layers, layers, layers. When I was a little girl, I remember my mom telling me “It is the coldest day of the year (she would say this everyday regardless), so let me count the number of layers I have on,” and then she would go one by one, through each of the multiple layers of camisoles, short sleeve, long sleeve, sweaters, etc…she had on.

If we dressed like that, we would end up like the Michelin Man, which is just not that flattering or cool. So, Uniqlo to the rescue. You don’t have to wear dozens of thin layers on top of one another. All you need is ONE base layer. Thank you, Uniqlo Heattech!

Uniqlo now sells online, which in itself is an absolutely amazing gift. Uniqlo offers so many good products, including the Jil Sander Uniqlo coats from last year, and this year the down coat collaboration with Theory! But best of all, is the Heattech!

Heattech is a heat-activating base layer, which is made from a new material that produces heat from moisture evaporating from your body. Amazing, right?

Heattech come in all sizes and shapes for women, men, and kids! Hello, holiday presents!

My favorite heattech item is the slim-fit long-sleeve crewneck T-shirt. It comes in versatile, easy-to-match colors (4 colors are sold online — black, blue, brown, and pink — but more are sold in stores). The Heattech fabric not only generates and retains heat but also eliminates static, and keeps its shape.

Guess how much this sucker costs? $14.90. Yep, fourteen dollars!!!

These shirts are the perfect layer. You can add sweaters, other shirts, blouses, anything on top! And you will be warm.


Heattech packaging. Perfect for stocking gifts!

Honestly, these shirts are so warm that the other day, I was TOO hot on a cold winter day. I have never said that before….and I owe it to Uniqlo. So stock up now!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I was in New York over Thanksgiving and went to the Uniqlo on 5th Avenue. It is enormous. I didn’t buy any of these there, but I wish I did!

  2. So excited I won an invitation to your book launch tonight on Facebook! I can’t wait!!

  3. Any they make tights – best technology to combat the cold! Thanks for helping us prep.

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