Natori Odessa PJ Set

Nothing says pajama party more than luxurious silky pajamas! So last week when a friend was visiting from out of town, she received a pair of Natori Odessa PJs to hang out in. They are bold, jewel toned colors and oh so pretty.


Look at her! So chic and glamorous walking the puppy in these glamorous Odessa pajamas! And of course, she’s the most fashionable person ever, so that helps, too.

Rich, deep, beautiful colors.

The other color way.

So good, I had to post it twice.


To purchase, go here. I have spent a lot of time scrolling the Natori website for new and improved Fall pajamas and lounge sets, so stay tuned for more recommendations. In the meantime, I am especially fond of these beauties.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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