Natori Caftan Day!

Today is May 10th — which is the day after my mother-in-law’s birthday, and the day before my daughter’s birthday! It is also…… Natori Caftan Day! A day to celebrate the uber-fashionable, trendy classification, and a staple of Natori fashion and style. #NatoriCaftanDay


Some caftans participating in #NatoriCaftanDay


Check out this beautiful Natori caftan….


Holy cow, look at the details.

Holy cow, look at the details.


If money was no object, I would buy this. But for my current reality (kids and laundry), I love 100% cotton, comfortable, washable, and easy, and this Natori caftan is my new favorite item ever. Not just for Natori Caftan Day, but as every night throw-on loungewear! This one is very similar, and I love it, too.


The loose gown with pretty light flowers on it.

The loose caftan with pretty light flowers on it.

The neckline.

The neckline.


The caftan is fresh, crisp, subtle and extremely wearable and comfortable. I think I am going to be the mother who walks around in mumus all day everyday with kids and playdates wondering what the crazy lady is doing in her pajamas. But maybe in this chic caftan, they will not (my daughter just asked me why I was wearing such a beautiful gown around the house….which means this gown is quite beautiful, and she sees me in workout gear a little too much…). Anyways, you MUST BUY this caftan.  Like elastic wear pants, it’s something you never knew you needed until you tried it on.


Flower upon flower.

Flower upon flower.

Selfie of the duo wearing nightgowns. If only Natori made caftans for little girls.....

Selfie of the duo wearing nightgowns. If only Natori made caftans for little girls…..

Stylin'. #NatoriCaftanDay #NatoriTurns40

Stylin’. #NatoriCaftanDay #NatoriTurns40


Run to your computer and order the caftan, you will thank me later. Until then, enjoy browsing other Natori caftans here — they are all so different and unique.

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  1. I LOVED this. The posts on insta were great. I wishi I knew about it sooner as I would have posted. Please do it again! #NatoriCaftanDay

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