Caron Callahan Shirts

My favorite new (to me) brand is Caron Callahan. I love everything she does and I bought several pieces for my summer travels.  I have worn them everyday and love them so much. Especially these embroidered shirts — and they are now on sale! So hurry up if you like and buy! I have worn them buttoned up and / or as a second layer and I love them oh so.


The brown version!

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Biggie Footstool

Since May, I have been utterly and totally obsessed with needlepointing. I cannot stop and love it so much. I find it meditative and calming….both the process as well as the finished product. Recently, I finished the canvas of Notorious BIG and sent it to an amazing upholster who made it in to a footstool. I love it SO very much that I wanted to share with you all!



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Needlepoint Bookmarks

This summer, I have spent hours needle pointing — even though I have a love hate relationship with it. It is meditative, creative, and gets my mind off of everything (COVID, NYC, school this fall, being away from friends, etc…) — but it is also incredibly frustrating as it takes FOREVER. That said, after I finished three projects, I didn’t know what to do with them. Do you frame them and hang them up? Make a boring pillow? Just felt incomplete and missing the final touch. SO I MADE THEM INTO BOOKMARKS. They went from boring to full on FUN PIZAZZ LIFE OF THE PARTY BOOKMARKS. They took forever to sew the edges, put on a backing, whip stitch it all together — and they don’t look perfect — but I really love them! They are truly a labor of love!

The three final products. The next project is in the mail arriving tomorrow — Veuve Cliquot Champagne! Can’t wait to start that and make yet another bookmark!

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Hungarian Embroidered Shirts – Muzungu Sisters

Nothing better than a mother-daughter-matching outfit…  a HUNGARIAN EMBROIDERED mother-daughter-matching outfit!


From my instagram (@ynatori), rocking my Hungarian shirt in Mexico.

From my instagram (@ynatori), rocking my Hungarian shirt in Mexico last week. We were vacationing with my parents in Bucerias. (Truth be told, I thought it was a Mexican shirt and therefore, very #meta of me to be a 1/2 Mexican wearing a Mexican shirt in Mexico. ALAS, le sigh, reality is that I was 1/2 Mexican in Mexico rocking a Hungarian shirt….doesn’t ring the same type of bell… but I still like the shirts.).

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Natori Sahara Sleepshirt / Beach Coverup

Readers- First off, thanks so much for your support / comments / emails after my post on Monday.  It was a much more personal and vulnerable post than normal. Although I am a still uncomfortable about being so exposed on the internets (why hello fertility treatments), I am glad I went out on a limb. And all your support and feedback makes it all worth it… On to today’s post!


My favorite go-to pajama (other than a tee shirt and undies) is a classic sleepshirt. And now, Natori has created the best sleepshirt of them all. White, crisp, cotton with embroidery! I brought it with us on spring break vacation last week, but instead of sleeping in it, I used it as a beach cover up! Multifunctional, beautiful, and comfortable!


The look. And don't mind the background -- can it be any more beautiful? DAMN I was a lucky girl....

The look. And don’t mind the background — can it be any more beautiful? DAMN I was a lucky girl….

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