Taylor Swift Pajamas

Instagram ads finally got me! I bought my FIRST instagram targeted ad purchase — and I couldn’t be any happier. TAYLOR SWIFT PAJAMAS. Yep, Instagram is smart!!!!!! I know, I know, I know, not Natori Pajamas (Natori pajamas are the best — other than these), but somehow I have to convince my mother-in-law to make Taylor Swift pajamas. Until then, these are amazing, and I love everything about them: cute, great price, comfy, and current!


Taylor! And yes, I had to get them for my daughter, too! I couldn’t resist. She is an XS (too big but whatever!) and I got a S for myself. We are both huge fans of the pajamas (and TSwift, too!)

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Cleo Wade

One of my favorite instagram stars / poets / activists is Cleo Wade. Not only is she super-model-gorgeous, but she is also articulate, poetic, and inspirational. I feel a connection to everything that she writes and posts — so much that I just want to hug her.  Since I basically stalk her, I knew that her book was coming out in March and pre-ordered it. I read it for inspiration, sage wise advice, and comfort. It is the equivalent of a hot cup of tea with honey, just soothing and loving.


Heart Talk. And yep, it does talk to your heart.

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Instagram Gifts

I am an Instagram junkie. I absolutely love posting pictures and seeing my photographs through different filters and borders. A simple boring picture can become so artsy and beautiful with just the press of a button. I love not only the dozens of filters, but also the concept. It’s like a new-school-made-over kodak gallery. It’s photo sharing in a 2012 way — people (who I allow to view my pictures) can see them if and when they want. And with just one click you can post to facebook or twitter. Awesome for us social media lovers!

CURRENTLY, I am all about finding the best ways to savor my Instagram photos and make real-life keepsakes with them.  So, here are some sites that allow you to create some ever-so-awesome goodies with your shots.



Fridge with HAWT DAWG magnets.

Fridge at the Proskurowski Family household.

StickyGram takes your Instagram images and transforms them into lovely little magnets. You simply create your pack online by signing into your account, and then voila… magnets. Each magnet is roughly the same size as the picture on your iPhone. The magnets come in packs of 9 and costs $14.99. PERFECT GIFTS FOR GRANDPARENTS!

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