Puerto Rico – Spring Break

Happy Spring Break! As mentioned on Monday, I spent the first half of Spring Break with my family in Mexico, summarized here in 5 pictures. Now we are in Dorado Beach in Puerto Rico with my in-laws.  To keep up with the 5 picture theme and little words (shorter and funnier), here are cinco pictures of our current trip.


Josie Girl Blog - Puerto Rico Playground

Kids’ heaven. Playground with multiple airplanes. It is always deserted with very few people, and we are so happy to be there.

Josie Girl Blog - Toosh dress

Mom (Josie Natori) bought Toosh a beautiful Bonpoint dress. Not sure if Toosh loves the bucket or the dress more. Close call. Picture, as featured in Natori’s instagram! I love the neon pink! I wish that I had an adult version of this dress.

Josie Girl Blog - Puerto Rico Water Park

This resort has the most amazing water park. Ken had the privilege of taking Cruzzie down a giant water slide 15 +times. He took Toosh down once (pictured).  She may or may not be a little terrified in this picture.

Josie Gril Blog - Breakfast

Family breakfasts are our go-to on vacation. We get there early so we don’t have to worry about bothering other guests… and so Ken and I can both drink three cups of coffee to get us ready for our day. And yes, the kids both tend to end up in my lap, and I eat three breakfasts (mine, and the kids).

Josie Girl Blog- Me and the Kids

Kids and I on the steps outside breakfast. Pants featured here! I *LOOOOOOOVE* beach clothes and wish I could wear them year round (obviously live in the wrong city to do so).


So there you have it, pictures from our Natori vacation! Back to reality shortly — of responsibilities, school, holidays (Passover and Easter), Paris marathon, and NYC “spring” (aka still freezing temperatures). Thank you to my in-laws for a wonderful, lavish, luxurious, and relaxing stay. We love spending time with you!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Zoe is the cutest little girl in the entire world! Love that dress! Have a great trip!!

  2. such great pictures, very jealous of the warm, tropical weather you’re enjoying over there!

  3. Love it! Can we come next time? Nico hates the water but LOVES to eat in my lap. And I love the water and the warmth in March!!!

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