Biologique Recherche Headquarters

Introduced to Biologique Recherche skincare products over a decade ago, my favorite thing to do in Paris, is to go get a facial at the Headquarters of Biologique Recherche. The headquarters is located at the base of the Champs Elysees in Paris, (just so happens to be 2 blocks away from my in-laws apartment, so easy to get to). It is a peaceful, serene getaway — not only to pamper oneself with a facial, but the prices for the services AND the products are a fraction of what they are in the USA. So I love to go there and stock up!


This is what you see from the street — just a doorway.

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Motif Cleanser

I love celebrating creative and smart friends and any ideas or products that they come up with. Motif Cleanser falls into that category. Started by my beautiful friend, Devanshi, this cleanser is ONE OF A KIND and I cannot rave enough about it.


Devanshi happens to be one of the most beautiful (and kind) people I have ever met. I had the privilege of attending her wedding in India 5 years ago — and it was one of the most memorable and incredible experiences of my life. Look at how beautiful Devanshi is — super model worthy.

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Doctor Rogers RESTORE Face Wash

I have written a lot about Dr. Rogers in the past couple of months, but she deserves all the write up — her products are THAT amazing. So I am sorry to spam with you more information about her, but her new face wash is fabulous and everyone needs to know about it.  Like her RESTORE healing balm, all the ingredients in the face wash are natural yet effective.


Although in theory, you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, I do with products. And I love this packaging. Clean and simple. Just like the product itself!

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Although I am not currently training for a marathon, I still indulge in nut butter like it is my job; a spoonful in the morning, a slather on toast mid-afternoon, and a cup for dessert. I just can’t get enough. Always on the lookout, I recently came across NuttZo, a nut butter made up of 7 nuts and seeds (a nut-allergy person’s nightmare!), and it instantly became a favorite.


Nutz about NuttZo.

Nutz about NuttZo.

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Box Lavender Scent

Two years ago, I had the chance to write a post on my good (great, wonderful, amazing, awesome, loving, charismatic, sista) friend, Irene, and her company Box. NOW, not only is the company thriving and becoming bigger and better, but there is a new scent available. Lavender! Now two options to choose from for intimate wipes (rose and lavender). Irene is yet again an example of an exemplary woman who is bold, daring, creative, beautiful, and engaging. Can she please give me some of her brain and beauty cells? Why do some people get everything???



The original Box. Rose Scent.

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Aloha! Dried Green Juice! Aloha!




I am hooked on this dried green juice. Not only do I love the packaging (so modern and cool) but the product itself is a winner. At first, I was terrified of drinking it — 14 healthy, natural, organic ingredients — so healthy that even I was a little worried. BUT I WAS WRONG. This powder is GOLD (well, it’s green, but you know….).  What’s in it?

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Dave’s Killer Bread

Yes, I am on an Oregon kick, but as it’s my home state, I can’t help but NOT be. Recently, there have been so many wonderful products that have emerged from Oregon, and one of the best is Dave’s Killer Bread. Not only is the story of Dave’s Killer Bread fascinating, but the bread itself is a winner. The organic bread has more protein, fewer carbohydrates and a little less sodium than most of its commercial counterparts.


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