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Introduced to Biologique Recherche skincare products over a decade ago, my favorite thing to do in Paris, is to go get a facial at the Headquarters of Biologique Recherche. The headquarters is located at the base of the Champs Elysees in Paris, (just so happens to be 2 blocks away from my in-laws apartment, so easy to get to). It is a peaceful, serene getaway — not only to pamper oneself with a facial, but the prices for the services AND the products are a fraction of what they are in the USA. So I love to go there and stock up!


This is what you see from the street — just a doorway.

And then you enter, AMAZING. Even more beautiful inside.

A picture of me during the treatment. Which btw, how come on social media, when all these people post pictures of themselves getting facials they look incredibly beautiful. I look TERRIBLE, but it felt heavenly.

Afterwards, they tell you which products to get for morning and night (I always listen and stock up. And I love them all! These are the ones I got!

Walking out, refreshed and oh so glowy.


So this is a long story to tell you — that if you happen to be in Paris, MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO GET A FACIAL! And if you don’t have time, go to their headquarters and buy the products at a much less expensive price!!! WORTH IT.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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