Coconut Bliss Butter

I KNOW, I KNOW, this is, like, the 400th post on coconut butter. But I can’t help it, I am addicted. And this new one I found is the perfect coconut butter.



Coconut bliss, yup indeed. It smells like a mixture of lavender, bergamot, and coconut. All divine.


After shower / bath, I scoop the butter on and it instantly melts in my hand and goes all over my body. Right away, my skin is hydrated and relieved.


The perfect consistency. This coconut butter truly is the perfect texture. Many of them are too hard (and difficult to remove from the jar), others are too liquidy and oily. This, on the other hand, is soft, easy, pliable, and rich

vibrational remedies.

Packaging. I also love the packaging. And the name. Vibrational remedies. YES PLEASE.

wedding photo

Two things I love: the coconut bliss butter and my wedding photo (from almost 9 years ago #Babies)


To browse Tony and Tina’s complete line, go here. This stuff is the good stuff.

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  1. I have this coconut oil! It is FABULOUS. You and your husband make a beautiful couple. You look like you could be a Natori model!

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