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Two years ago, I had the chance to write a post on my good (great, wonderful, amazing, awesome, loving, charismatic, sista) friend, Irene, and her company Box. NOW, not only is the company thriving and becoming bigger and better, but there is a new scent available. Lavender! Now two options to choose from for intimate wipes (rose and lavender). Irene is yet again an example of an exemplary woman who is bold, daring, creative, beautiful, and engaging. Can she please give me some of her brain and beauty cells? Why do some people get everything???



The original Box. Rose Scent.

Box Intimate wipes are subtle and feminine wipes made with super-premium ingredients and natural scents. Just a little added plus to feminine hygiene care!


Dammit don't you just hate her? How can someone look this good pregnant? And have a toddler? And her own company? geez....

Dammit don’t you just hate her? How can someone look this good pregnant? And have a toddler? And her own company? geez….


So with great pleasure, here is an interview with the ever-so-talented and articulate, Irene from Box!


How did you decide to do Lavender Scent?


My first scent was Rose, which is, obviously very floral.  For the next scent, I wanted to do something to complement Rose, but staying outside of the Floral notes.  I have always loved the clean smell of lavender, and although Lavender is technically a Floral scent, I find it more herbaceous, slightly medicinal, fresh, and clean.  Also – Lavender is a wonder plant.  Its oil has so many beneficial properties.  It’s anti-bacterial, it relaxes and calms nerves, it soothes skin irritations.  In fact, if you’ve had a particularly stressful day, hold a BOX Lavender wipe under your nose and slowly inhale.  You will feel better.


Pretty box in window. Discrete and beautiful.

Pretty box in window. Discrete and beautiful.

Top of the box.

Top of the box

Individually packaged. Easy to throw into your purse for easy access 24-7.

Individually packaged. Easy to throw into your purse for easy access 24-7.

Why hellooooo....

Why hellooooo….

Baby wipe? Chichiwawa wipe?

Baby wipe?


What has been the reaction to the lavender scent compared to the original rose scent?


Well, I re-formulated the original Rose scent in addition to adding Lavender.  I had thought that my customers would prefer Rosewater because it is so subtle and light, but SO many of my clients said that the scent wasn’t strong enough for them.  Since it was crucial to remain synthetic fragrance free (I believe our noses are accustomed to stronger scents because we are constantly bombarded with fake and unnatural smells and this becomes our new normal), I turned to essential oils. Our focus groups were totally evenly divided between the two scents.  I love both.  I can’t choose!


The two boxes.

The two boxes


What are some of your current inspirations (back in April 2012, you said L’Audree, Hagendaaz, Tocca candles)?


My inspirations continue to be beautiful and luxe images.  Box Intimates’ Pinterest board is where I go and drool over all the things I wish I could have.  Lately, I’ve been into spaces that make you feel a certain way – I think that influenced my decision to go with Lavender which has a clean scent.  I can spend all day looking at white rooms, crisp linens, cool marble-tiled bathrooms with claw foot bathtubs.


Pretty images.

Pretty images


What has been the biggest challenge of being a stay-at-home-mom AND a working mom?


The biggest obstacle for me has been finding the time to devote to BOX.   It’s hard to switch gears from Mom to entrepreneur within the same roof.   Whichever role I’m playing, I always feel a little guilty that I’m not the other.  But I still believe that for me, this is the best situation because I get to be a part of my children’s life and not miss out on anything, even though I have more gray hairs from having too many balls in the air!


How has your taste for beauty products changed since you became a mom and are now pregnant with number 2?


Two things:  I have simplified SO much.  I don’t know if it’s the baby and toddler related clutter around me, but I can’t focus unless things are in it’s place.  I have adult onset OCD or something!  As a result, since I can’t throw all the lego pieces out the window and scream “I’m FREE!”, I have gotten rid of a LOT of what was cluttering my life.  I was a MAJOR product hoarder. I kept every single sample ever given to me.  I had perfume samples from the 1980’s. I’m not kidding. So I got rid of all superfluous beauty products.  I have ONE facial soap, ONE toner, ONE cream, ONE sunblock, ONE hairspray, etc…I just make sure that it works for me and it’s good for the environment, too.


Second thing: Pregnancy ages you.  Kids age you.  Age ages you.  I’m much more aware of getting older and doing good things for my body that aren’t superficial. I always wear sunscreen, I make sleep a priority. I am synthetic fragrance free and I drink a lot of water.  I try to stay out of the sun (hard to do in CA).  I believe it makes a difference.


What are your current favorite beauty products (3-5)?


I’m totally into Tata Harper at the moment.  I love her philosophy, I love her brand, and her products work for my skin.  Since I have simplified my beauty regimen, I like having everything look like it’s in a set – and my entire beauty process is Tata Harper  (remember, I joked about having OCD?  I really think the kid related chaos that’s beyond my control has made me like this!).  And I always have Box Intimate Wipes, of course!


What are your current favorite all natural beauty products?


I don’t know if you can categorize it as a beauty product, per se, but I am hugely into coconut oil right now.  Always use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – organic, if possible.  You can find it at most supermarkets.  I use it for everything and love it particularly because I think it helped me prevent stretch marks.  I tend to gain all 40 pounds of pregnancy weight in my belly – it’s grotesque, actually, and while the rest of me doesn’t get big, the stress my pregnancies puts on my belly skin is unreal.  Every day I wake up and thank the dear Lord that I don’t have stretch marks.  Then I go kiss my jar of coconut oil (kidding).  I use it for everything.  After shower moisturizer?  Coconut oil.  Baby lotion?  Coconut oil.  Have a scrape/rash/weird skin situation?  Coconut oil.  Dry hair?  Coconut oil.  Smoothie?  Put some coconut oil in it.  It’s amazing and so good for you.


I’m also into low ingredient products which is why I keep BOX’s ingredient list so short.  I just don’t think we need half the things we put into our bodies.  That’s part of the appeal about coconut oil. It’s the one ingredient wonder balm.


Box logo


So there you have it, thank you Irene! Please check out Box products here. Read the Box blog here. Like Box on facebook here. Pinterest here. How inspiring!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I love this concept and I’m dying to try it!! Where would I be able to purchase these items?

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