Box Lavender Scent

Two years ago, I had the chance to write a post on my good (great, wonderful, amazing, awesome, loving, charismatic, sista) friend, Irene, and her company Box. NOW, not only is the company thriving and becoming bigger and better, but there is a new scent available. Lavender! Now two options to choose from for intimate wipes (rose and lavender). Irene is yet again an example of an exemplary woman who is bold, daring, creative, beautiful, and engaging. Can she please give me some of her brain and beauty cells? Why do some people get everything???



The original Box. Rose Scent.

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Box Intimates


Long post today, which will eventually discuss a great new product I love.  But first, an intro of the product’s founder and my dear friend.

Who is Irene and What is Box?

Meet Irene.

Irene Kim

Honestly, don't you want to pick her up and put her in your pocket ? She is the cutest lady in the world. Period. The end.

Irene started off as Ken’s friend, not mine. Back in 2004, Ken was on Wall Street and worked at Lehman Brothers, and Irene became one of his closest work friends. He purposely did not introduce me to her because he knew that we would instantly become joined at the hip and just gab like silly girls. But finally, we met, and Ken was right.

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