Welcome, ZEN!

This past Friday, May 11th at 11:19 pm, Zoe Esther Natori entered this world (12 days before her due date)! What a wonderful surprise and start to my mother’s day weekend.

Last shot

This was the last shot of my belly pre-birth. Why hello, belly.

Four days before, I had to get all glammed up to attend the Orchestra of St. Luke’s Gala in honor of my beautiful mother-in-law. I felt far from pretty, but I was able to put on a nice dress, some make up and hair, and attend the event.


Party on.

The next several days, I was in and out of a state of anxiety, pain, and calm. I knew that Baby Girl was going to enter the world sooner rather than later. I had contractions here and there, visited the doctor, and knew that things were well on their way. I was so ready to have the baby out of my belly, but so not ready to have the baby in reality. I rushed around with a massive to do list (a lot of the tasks admittedly unimportant, but I HAD to get them done… I am totally OCD). My last day of work was Wednesday. Thursday, I was convinced the baby was coming. But no baby. So Friday, I thought there was no way that the baby was coming.

Friday, I had lunch with a friend (at Le Pain, of course), sat on the median on Park Avenue to enjoy the sunshine, played with Cruzzie in his crib, and tutored. It was during my tutoring session that things changed. Like, my water broke. Hello pee in my pants while tutoring. Water on the chair, water on my pants, it was awesome. After my little tutoree left the apartment, the HOLY CRAP moment set in, and I freaked out. It was 5 pm on a Friday — meaning, the doctor’s office was closed, Cruzzie was at a playdate, and Ken was at work. I was in a state of total and utter panic. Finally, I got through to my doctor, who told Ken and I to meet her at the hospital.

Park Avenue

I know, totally weird, but I actually like to sit in between the lanes of traffic on Park Avenue (on the sidewalk in the middle of the avenue). I just stare at people walking by, the cars, the taxis, and think. It might not be nature, but it is fresh air. So it does a body good.

New York Presbyterian Hospital. I have always been amazed by the rooms, service, and staff. I have had great nurses both deliveries -- and we have kept in touch with all of them. Remarkable people.

After talking to my doctor, I waited for Cruzzie to come home. I was a mess with tears everywhere. He started to cry and we just held each other. My little monkey helped calm me even through the tears. He told me he loved me, kissed me “Mama sad, now Mama happy,” and I left as soon as Ken got back from work. I was scared to leave Cruz, but happy to know that I was about to produce something as wonderful and amazing as he is. Another life was about to happen….It was deja vu all over again — same time of the night when I went to the hospital to give birth to Cruz.

So here I was, Friday night, 5:30 pm, checking in to the hospital with Ken to have a baby. Rockin Friday night.

Friday date night at the finest.

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