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One of the hardest things about just giving birth is getting dressed everyday. Yeah, I know, there are a lot of harder things ALSO going on (like juggling two kids, no sleep, nursing 24-7, wild crazy hormones and emotions, feelings of being overwhelmed, etc…), but one of my biggest current struggles is putting clothes on. For people who have HAD kids before, you know that the weight just doesn’t disappear once the baby is born (I had no idea the first time around — and also seemed to forget this time, too!) and you still look pregnant for quite a bit of time. Your stomach is swollen, your boobs are big (mine are HUGE HONKERS!) and your body is swollen. You look and feel like an alien. Not a very fun experience!

But there *ARE* some clothes that have helped me out with this transitional state (not pregnant and not my body).  Not that they have made me look like Gisele (remember what she looked like after giving birth??? — not fair for any woman to see pictures of her post-baby), but these clothes have made me feel like I am not a fat whale walking down Manhattan with the Giseles of the city. So here they are!

Hatch Sweatshirt

Recently, it seems like every fashion magazine and blog mentions the company “Hatch” and their amazing maternity gear. For good reason. The collection is absolutely fabulous. Stylish, comfortable, wearable during and post pregnancy, and flattering! This is an investment piece that one should get DURING pregnancy. I wore it during my pregnancy and can’t seem to take it off right now either. It is made out of the most luxurious Japanese terry, comes in four different colors (I have it in red), and looks great with leggings, tight jeans (yeah right at this point), pajama bottoms, and basically whatever floats your boat!


The hoodie comes in white, grey, navy and red. Classic colors with an edgier look.

Lululemon Astro Pants

These pants are impossible to take off. They are so comfortable that you can wear them all the time and feel great about your body because it covers up your tummy and has some flair to the hems so they cover swollen ankles. It makes you feel like you just worked out, when in fact, you haven’t!  Plus, you can use the waistband high to cover the flab, or lower to let your tummy breathe.

Who doesn’t own lululemon pants these days? I can’t seem to have enough of them…they are like my new denim.

J. Crew Button Ups

I usually am not a button-up type of girl. Too preppy and conservative for my boho Oregonian taste. But, when nursing a baby, a button up is the perfect topper — looks put together, baggy around your midsection, and easy access to the goods. This shirt in particular is great — it is part button-down, part popover. Super light cotton with roll up tab sleeves which makes it easy even in humid NYC summers. Rolling up the sleeves is also a go to when having frumpy days — a friend taught me that if you want to feel thinner, you show your wrists. Could be a total myth, but I like having my sleeves rolled up regardless!

jcrew button up

Hi skinny wrists!

Old Navy Drawstring Shorts

22 dollars! HOLLA! Maybe not the cutest look, but they are super easy and will never be tight on your belly. Plus, at 22 dollars, it doesn’t matter if you grow out of them, because they cost so little in comparison to other shorts on the market. These shorts are perfect for schlepping around the city or house with your teeth barely brushed, hair a mess, spit up all over. HOT MAMA to the MAX!

old navy

Perfect for everyday wear.

T by Alexander Wang pocket tee shirt

Although not cheap, these tees are the perfect loose-fit silhouette. The scooped U neckline is also a nice touch to show off the new cleavage (although I must say I am not fond of suddenly having big boobs) if you are daring enough to do so. These tees are a great everyday shirt that is not snug on your belly and is just plain and simple. Plus, you can wear AFTER giving birth, when your body has recovered to a more normal size. They are just a great tee to have in your closet in general!

T by Alexander Wang

Truly a classic shirt. Comes in a bazillion different colors.

Isabel Marant Harem Pants

I am obsessed with these pants. Pre or post pregnancy, these are perfect. Summery, cotton, red, unique, comfortable, slouchy. They scream PARTY PANTS. This was the first item I bought after having a baby. It was a gift to myself — to remind myself that I can still wear nice clothes even though I might not look so great in them.

Isabel Marant

MC Hammer....Can't touch this....

J.Crew Beach Shorts

These shorts were on my Spring Wish List Part 2, and I heart them. Dearly. Drawstring, striped, easy breezy — what’s not to like about them?

JCrew beach shorts

Great shorts to wear with a simple tank, a button up and a sweater. Just easy.

Calypso Tunic

This cotton tunic is a must-have for post-baby. You can use it for the pool or beach, too! Tunics are always great to have, especially when they are baggy, boho-chic, and straightforward.


Nothing says summer more than a crisp white tunic. And a bulging belly.

Gap Maternity Tanks

I wore these tanks almost everyday throughout my pregnancy. They are just basic camis that are tight enough and long enough to cover areas that you want covered. Plus, I loved wearing them under shirts to even things out and make my belly (with the baby girl inside) feel more secure. Post pregnancy, these camis are great to cover your tush, suck in and smooth the rolls, and just make you feel tighter.

Gap tanks

Black and white. Get multiples of both if you are newly pregnant. You will wear them to the ground.

 Natori Tunic Sleep Shirt

As I mentioned in a previous post on “Hospital Lounge Wear“, this Natori tunic is the perfect sleepshirt. I wore it the whole time in the hospital and so far most nights at home. Super soft, comfortable, put together. Can’t say enough good things about this sleepshirt. Get it, now!

Natori affinity

Love the color, the look, everything!

So, there you have it, my saving graces the past couple of weeks! What are your secrets on how to dress post pregnancy? Any tips or MUST have items?

Have a great rest of the week!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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